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Testimonials from parents just like you; and students just like your child. Discover what hundreds of parents and their kids are saying about PTI®. Our legacy - Satisfied parents and successful students.

Parent Testimonials

You Deserve to Feel Proud of your Child

Imran K. — Testimonial
'I'd like to thank the PTI Team for pushing our child and supporting him as much as they did. We are extremely proud of his achievement. PTI offers an unconventional approach. We are grateful for the part PTI has played as our son embarks on his new chapter at Naparima College.'

Lydia T. — Testimonial
'You have exceeded my expectations. I am thankful that I have found you. I have never seen my child more excited to learn. Even after classes she is hyped. Enrolling my child in your classes was the best decision I made for her. Thank you so much for all that you have done and I look forward to the next five years.'

Stacey H. — Testimonial
'My daughter couldn't stop talking about the super fun she had learning from just one class, this made me really happy.'

Claudia G. — Testimonial
'PTI was able to get my son interested and engaged within the very first week.'

Crystal B. — Testimonial
'My son is able to handle himself better in the school's fast paced system. He is more confident.'

Lisanne J. — Testimonial
'I'm happy to say I've seen great improvement in his attitude and approach towards his studies. His grades are improving, he is now confident and self motivated. School work is no longer a challenge, it’s now something we both look forward to doing together.'

Malcolm F. — Testimonial
'My daughter has shown an improvement in her mathematics, and in her overall attitude towards her school work.'

Kerwin R. — Testimonial
'PTI continues to be instrumental in the improvement of my daughter's learning. I'm sorry I didn't know about them earlier.'

Jane G. — Testimonial
'My child has improved greatly and I will recommend anyone to this organization.'

Patrice L. — Testimonial
'I'm quite impressed with the service.'

Nadia T. — Testimonial
'PTI has strengthened my child's ability to work independently and to be more confident. He is well on his way to a success.'

Kyle H. — Testimonial
'My daughter truly enjoys each class and I have definitely seen improvement in her work.'

Camille M. — Testimonial
'Great experience with PTI. Professional service form the first call.'

Melissa P. — Testimonial
'I have seen a big improvement in not only his grades, but his attitude towards his school work. He is more willing and focused.'

Lester N. — Testimonial
'The patience and comment you'll shown was exceptional customer service and I am thankful.'

Cherrieann P. — Testimonial
'Very professional. My 13yr old daughter is actually enjoying Maths . The teacher takes time explaining when you don't understand. Excellent job.'

Lineaie T. — Testimonial
'You have superseded my expectations. The customer service is exceptional. You ensure everyone is on the same level and take the time to ensure my son understood what was being taught. I am really thankful and happy I chose you.'

Student Testimonials

Read why Kids Love PTI

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A. Geelalsingh — Testimonial
'My PTI experience has been excellent. The individual attention and the fact that the pace of the course was accommodating to my personal pace makes the experience unique. The general quality has been exceptional. Thank you for not just attempting to get through curriculum material but for providing techniques and strategies for passing the exam.'

K. Cabralis — Testimonial
'I love the standard at PTI, the effort put into the sessions and the high level of organisation. the tutors use examples that apply to us, as well as many other ways to ensure that we retain the information given, student interaction being part of it. the accessibility is also superb, as the notes and tutorials are also online at all times and students are encouraged to contact tutors via their PTI emails should the need arise (upcoming exams,etc). i have attended PTI before, and i am pleased to say that it is ever improving. i would recommend PTI to any student, be it one who is struggling, or one who is already good but striving for perfection.'

C. Arjoon — Testimonial
'I like pti because they have an excellent standard and everyone are friendly and kind. The tutors are easy to get along with and they make sure that each student understands every topic they requested. As i started pti my marks in my subjects improved alot. I am so happy i joined pti because they helped me out alot in my weak areas.'

S. Haniff — Testimonial
'I like pti because the service is very nice and friendly and the tutors are very cool. i would also encourage other students to attend their classes because it was very helpful to me and they explain every topic very clearly to me so that i can understand. so i rate them to be very well.'

C. Vincent — Testimonial
'I have found that most lesson classes don't give the attention needed for the students in the class but in PTI this not the case .The tutors at PTI some how made me like going a lessons class .'

R. Joseph — Testimonial
'In PTI you get individual attention and the best thing is that u are guaranteed to get better grades within 3 months.'

S. Williams — Testimonial
'PTI is an efficient tutoring system that allows students to have a controlled and organised system for study and easy learning'

M. Andrew — Testimonial
'PTI has really help me in understanding Maths, which I didn't like but now love the online notes and video class is the best and it helps me at home when I don't have a teacher at home all CXC students should come PTI because it is the best they don't deserve just 5 star 10 will be much better'

L. Donnie — Testimonial
'PTI gives you individual attention and you learn alot in a short space of time. you will enjoy the time there.'

A. Julien — Testimonial
'I like the individual attention i get from my tutor and the online resources i can access where ever and when ever'

M. Lall — Testimonial
'So far pti has been good because i've learnt alot in a small amount of time.'

D. Medford — Testimonial
'PTI is a very great class. You learn fast once you are paying attention. the study sessions are quite good.'

T. Garcia — Testimonial
'Pti has been a great time for me it has shown me new things which i thought i could not have learnt.'

J. Perez — Testimonial
'So far pti has been a wonderful learning experience and i am sure that it will be very enjoyable in the future!!!'

T. Rossear — Testimonial
'I am only attending P.T.I. a little while now and it is good its helping me alot more and i would like to continue attending here i think i will be successful'

K. Bowen — Testimonial
'PTI is one of the best lessons because the teachers explain and go in depth in the subject and this really helps it to stick in your head'

A. Yorke — Testimonial
'PTI is a good tutoring programme because they explain the course material well a little over the limit sometimes but it works cause it sticks. yea daiz it deeeyyyy!!!'

C. Noriega — Testimonial
'Everything is good.teachers are friendly and helps increase your grades faster'

J. Frederick — Testimonial
'PTI is a good environment to learn with friends and the teachers also good mentors and the AC and sweeties are the best!!!!!'

D. Pilgrim — Testimonial
'PTI is the best lessons I have ever been to . You really understand the topics more clearly than when in school. They have free LOLLIPOPS to.'

M. George — Testimonial
'PTI is the best lessons i've ever been to, topics are easier to learn and the lollipops does taste rel good too'

K. Williams — Testimonial
'PTI is the best lessons i have ever been to. It makes learning work fun.'

Z. Cross — Testimonial
'PTI is one the best lessons i have ever been to. I have a good time learning work and it is quite fun.'

E. Emode — Testimonial
'PTI is the coolest lessons ever. You have fun while your learning and the teachers make sure tou get a good understanding of the topics asked. it's very professional and you get rewards for doing your home-work and projects, like loolypops and points. ! !'