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Finally, you can Relax. Enjoy the ultimate online Summer Camp that gives you the Peace of Mind that you Deserve. Additionally, your kids will be Constructively Occupied while you relax. All in all, your child will Love you for choosing this uniquely fun all-online Summer Camp.

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Better Grades

Math + English Revision

Discover our famous blend of Fun & Learning. Watch your child's face light up with anticipation. Verbal & Math competitions ignite interest in vocabulary, spelling and arithmetic. Picture your child immersed in his game mission to rescue the universe by solving math equations.

Exam Success Strategies

Experience that warm Feeling of Pride as you watch your child learn to conquer her fear of exams. Your child will learn the Secrets to consistent Exam Success. She will learn to master Mind Maps, Mental Hooks, and more. Powerful Exam-taking techniques and Examiner Tips will be revealed.

Personal Development

Manners + Etiquette

Does your child know what angle cutlery should be placed on a plate to indicate that it should be taken away? Will your child lose a career opportunity because he used red or all-caps in an email? Can your child correctly use 'Ms,' 'Mrs,' and 'Madam' in a formal letter? This summer your child will have fun while being polished to an illustrious shine.

Creative Skills

Art + Craft

Open your child's mind with Origami. Unlock the creative genius within. Our paper craft and fabulously Fun art projects will put a smile on your child's face. You will be surprised by what your child will create while at this summer camp.

Drawing Course

Our summer camp drawing course introduces learners to basic drawing and sketching techniques. Subjects are depicted using various media. Students will gain new drawing skills by the end of the summer camp.

Safety + Health

Internet Safety

We will teach your child how to be safe while using the Internet. Does your child know that her web cam can be switched on remotely without her knowing? Does she know what personal details should not be posted to social media? Can your child identify a secure website or a fraudulent email? She will know all this and more at the end of our super-informative summer camp.

First Aid Basics

Your child will learn basic first aid and first responder skills. Do you know how to place an injured person into the recovery position? No? No worries. Your child will teach you at the end of the summer camp. Learn how to make an effective '999' call. Understand how to respond to accidents that commonly happen at home. Basic wound cleaning and dressing skills are included in this summer camp.

Self Defense

Your child will learn to block common attacks: kicks, slaps, hair-pulls, punches. By the end of this summer camp she will know how to correctly punch, kick, and safely throw an opponent. This summer camp self defense course also teaches how to defend against common knife attacks.

Healthy Lifestyle + Nutrition

You want your child to grow up happy and healthy. Our healthy lifestyle summer camp course will show her exactly how to do that. We will teach your child how to maintain a healthy diet, and effective exercise routine.

Life Success

Leadership Skills

Give your child the head start that he deserves in this competitive world. Our summer camp Leadership course teaches key skills essential for leaders: Technical Communication, Persuasion, Negotiation, Project management, Time management, Conflict resolution. This ultra-unique summer camp will hit the upgrade button on your child's chest.

Public Speaking

Your child will be a leader one day. Just imagine, audiences will hang on every word he says. Our Public Speaking summer camp course will prepare him well. This summer camp course includes: Tonality, Voice projection, Pausing with purpose, Posture, Gestures, creating Rapport and more.

Financial Intelligence

Our most powerful summer camp course. Your child will learn how to harness the power of making money work for him. This summer camp course provides a rare in-depth look at Wealth management. Learn how to maximize revenue using private equity and Real Estate investments. Distinguish between Liabilities and Assets. Understand Tax-deductions, Special Economic Zones, Tax-havens, Trusts, and Financial Security.

Money Management

Our money management summer camp course teaches the skills required for a financially secure life. Your child will learn how to create a Personal & Family Budget, Avoid unnecessary Spending, Save money by timing seasonal Discounts, keep personal Accounting records, and Save wisely.

Career Success

Career Success

Expose your child to the myriad of Career Options available. Enjoy guest-speaker interviews with top professionals from around the world! Present your child with the opportunity to match his personality and ambitions with the right career. We will discuss Job Satisfaction, Work-Life balance and other key topics. Projects include research and fun role-playing exercises.