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SEA Lessons + CXC Lessons in Arima, Trinidad


Experience fast results with our effective 1-on-1 lessons. Our SEA Lessons + CXC Lessons are unique.
Discover an enjoyable learning experience that students love coming back to. Imagine enjoying fun active learning and engaging SEA lessons + CXC lessons at our learning centre in Arima, (East) Trinidad.

SEA Lessons in (East) Trinidad

Now you can experience the fun fast way to learn! SEA students learn best when they enjoy learning. Our super-fun SEA Math + English lesson games introduce a new dimension of excitement into SEA lessons. Prepare to enjoy fun active learning SEA lessons

CXC Lessons in (East) Trinidad

Our CXC Lessons are renown for fast results. Enjoy CXC Lessons that are engaging and efficient. Experience CXC tutors that are experts at motivating students to success. Our members feel confident; and look forward to their next CXC lesson at our learning centres.

Our SEA Lessons + CXC Lessons include:

Our SEA Lessons + CXC Lessons include:

1-on-1 Math lessons for SEA or CXC
1-on-1 English lessons​ for SEA or CXC
(includes Language Arts SEA lessons, Creative Writing SEA lessons for Std. 1-5)​ 
Exam-skills class
(includes SEA Reading lessons, SEA Writing lessons, SEA Spelling lessons, SEA Vocab lessons for Std. 1-5)​ ​
Math & English games for SEA or CXC
CXC Past paper or SEA Practice Test lessons 
Homework-help lesson
Video Lessons + Exercises 24/7 online - SEA lessons and CXC lessons

SEA Lessons + CXC Lessons 

in Trinidad


CXC Lessons in Trinidad:

CXC Math Lessons in Trinidad
CXC English-A Lessons in Trinidad
FREE CXC Past-paper lessons in Trinidad

SEA Lessons in Trinidad:

SEA Math Lessons in Trinidad
SEA Language Arts Lessons in Trinidad
SEA Creative Writing Lessons​ in Trinidad
SEA Reading Lessons in Trinidad
SEA Dictation Lessons​ in Trinidad
SEA Writing/Spelling Lessons in Trinidad
SEA Vocabulary Lessons in Trinidad

6 SEA or CXC Lessons per week

1-on-1 Math lesson
1-on-1 English lesson​
(includes SEA Language Arts lessons, SEA Creative Writing lessons for Std. 1-5)​ 
SEA + CXC Exam-skills lesson
(includes SEA Reading lessons, SEA Writing lessons, SEA Spelling lessons, SEA Vocab lessons for Std. 1-5)​
SEA + CXC Math & English games lesson
CXC Past paper and SEA Practice Test lesson
SEA + CXC Homework-help lesson

SEA + CXC Lesson Times

1-on-1  lessons

(1 class = 1 hour. 6 lessons per week)

Standard 1-5 (SEA Lessons)

1-on-1 Math Lessons:
Wed 4-5pm OR 5-6pm 
Sat 9-10am OR 1-2pm

1-on-1 English Lessons:
Thu 4-5pm OR 5-6pm 
Sat 10-11am OR 2-3pm

Form 1-5 (CXC CSEC Lessons)

1-on-1 Math Lesson:
Wed 4-5pm OR 5-6pm
1-on-1 English-A Lesson:
Thu 4-5pm OR 5-6pm

Active learning lessons​ for SEA + CXC

(SEA + CXC Exam-prep lesson, SEA + CXC exam-drill games, CXC past paper lessons, SEA + CXC homework lessons, SEA + CXC Math & English games)