How to Help your Kid Find Career Ideas

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How to Help your Kid Find Career Ideas

Step 1: List the things that your child does well. If he/she is good at something, he/she probably enjoys doing it as well.

Step 2: Suggest careers based on your child's interests and abilities. If your child excels in Math or Science, suggest a science-related career field. If he/she likes socializing, chose a career that requires socializing skills.

Step 3: Urge your child to explore the career possibilities relating to his/her interests. Be sure to expose your child to the careers available in his/her areas of interest as much as possible.

Step 4: Make it entertaining as well. You can encourage your child to watch movies or TV shows that are relevant to his/her career choice or interest.

Step 5: When your child begins to develop an idea of which career field he/she likes, encourage him/her to learn about it as much as possible.