How to Expand Your Teen’s Interests

How to Expand Your Teen’s Interests

Step 1:
Keep your teenager away from distractions like television, Facebook and video games. No matter how much he/she fusses, do not allow your teenager to spend valuable time engaged in pointless activities.

Step 2:
Encourage your teenager to read. The best way to accomplish this is to read yourself, thus setting an example of how to make valuable use of your time. Visit your local library for some ideas on a good book for your teenager.

Step 3:
Teach your teenager to cook. This is not only an important skill to learn, the activity will also allow you to spend valuable time with your son/daughter.

Step 4:
Fill your teenager's time by involving him/her in craft projects.

Step 5:
Spend time with your teenager. Take him/her to a museum or a movie theatre.