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How to NOT Talk to Your Kids about Sex | Need SEA Lessons? +1868-308-4028

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Step 1: Do not start the discussion with acknowledgment of his changing body. It will embarrass your teen to think that you are aware of what he is going through, and it will create a communication barrier between the two of you.


Step 2: Do not get nervous or allow your conversation to stray off course. Say what you need to say, and keep your sentences short and to the point.


Step 3: Do not start the discussion because you caught him looking at adult websites on your computer. The topic itself is awkward enough without you adding your anger and frustration about his misconduct into the conversation.


Step 4: Do not have this discussion in front of others. It is difficult for your teen to focus on the conversation if he knows that his siblings can hear every word.


Step 5: Do not ask for more information than you need to know. Respect your teenager's privacy. Asking too many questions will only contribute to the embarrassment and confusion that your teen might be feeling already.