How to Encourage Teens to Do the Dishes

How to Encourage Teens to Do the Dishes

Step 1: Create a schedule

Make a list of everyone's chores and stick it somewhere noticeable. Your teenager might be more willing to wash the dishes if he/she realizes that others' chores are much more tedious or nauseating than his/her own.


Step 2: Post reminders.

Place sticky notes on your teenager's desk or computer. Put reminders in strategic locations where your teenager is sure to notice them.


Step 3: Negotiate on your terms.

If your teenager needs you to drive him/her to see his/her friends, be willing to do so only if he/she has finished washing the dishes. Simply put, unless he/she washes the dishes, you are not taking him/her anywhere.


Step 4: Refuse to do your own chores.

If your teenager refuses to wash the dishes, refuse to cook. If he/she does not wash the pots and pans for you to use in cooking, you cannot cook.


Step 5: Record a song.

Record a song about washing dishes and download it onto your teenager's iPod, or play it on the CD-player whenever it is time for your teenager to wash the dishes. Play it over and over again, increasing the volume each time until your teenager starts washing.


Step 6: Pretend that the current went.

If your teenager spends long periods of time in front of the computer or television, secretly disconnect the internet connection and cable when it is time for him/her to wash the dishes.