VSEPR Theory: Introduction

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This is an introduction to the basics of VSEPR Theory. VSEPR theory is a set of rules for how to look at a Lewis structure and determine the three dimensional (3D) shape of a molecule. The shapes have to do with the location of bonds and lone electrons pairs. In this video, we'll look at the following shapes: linear, trigonal planar, bent, tetrahedral, and trigonal bipyramidal

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    i want to request u to further explain how air pressure effects us
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  • Tyler DeWitt 10 years ago

    i already have a video on this topic. it’s called “atmospheric pressure.” thanks for the kind comment, and good luck!

  • Farah 10 years ago

    Thank you soo much for uploading this video! I’ve gained the confidence to answer the questions in this chapter 😀 Oh, and I can’t seem to find the videochemistrywebsite 🙁 Has the website been taken down?

  • lobe1028 10 years ago

    Awesome video!

    ps: I think you mean 120 degree between each bond in the trigonal planer 7:51…Right?

  • Tyler DeWitt 10 years ago

    thanks for pointing that out! i just made a video annotation so that it’s clear that it should be 120º.

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    @ 1:36 you say opposite charges repel, I think you mean “like charges repel.” Great video though!

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    The videos are awesome. i tried thenewboston and khan. i prefer you over them any day of the week. i also appreciate your work A LOT. however, seeing you gesticulate is distracting for me and thus MIGHT be for a lot of others too.
    I thought your goal was to reach as many people as possible and maybe to monetize your work eventually. In that case you should ask your “customers” what they think. In any case it’s not a big deal and I’ll keep watching your stuff and hope you’ll add more.

  • German-American 10 years ago

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    Excellent models, great explanation, very clear, and enjoyable. You rock!

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    1:40… Opposite charges attract, like charges repel. Otherwise very good video, love the two cameras

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    I cannot express my gratitude for your videos. My college professor is brilliant, but, sadly, not a very good teacher. You explain things so thoroughly and carefully. Can you share about yourself? ie, where did you go to school? Why you decided to help out those of struggling so much with some of these concepts? Thank you again!

  • Stephen Cook 10 years ago

    Great video. Couldn’t really follow my professor when he was lecturing about this, but you explained it in a clear and concise way that I could easily understand. Good work!

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    Dear sir, i am studying a diploma in chemistry and your videos are really helpful. I sincerely do think that you are knowledgeable and passionate about the subject. I also admire the amount of effort placed in each video to help us students learn. You carry out your lessons professionally and your 2 angle camera makes it really personal!

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    my chemistry prof sucks at explaining, so thank youu so much! really helpful with all the props and stuff. THANK YOUUUUU

  • SHIHAB R. 10 years ago

    is there a certain order i should watch these VSEPR videos??? i really do want to grasp these concepts!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tyler DeWitt 10 years ago

    1) Start with this video.
    2) VSEPR Theory Practice Problems.
    3) VSEPR Theory: Common Mistakes.
    4) VSEPR Theory: Trigonal Bipyramidal Family
    5) VSEPR Theory: Octahedral Family
    6) VSEPR Theory Practice Problems: Advanced

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    Thank you for making this. It was very clear and it’s great how you lay out the path of what students should be doing next.

  • Tyler DeWitt 10 years ago

    PLEASE NOTE: at 7:45, I say the bond angle is 180º, but I should have said 120º. Sorry!

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    we’re all grateful for the videos but dont act sour when someone is trying to help make them more efficient

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    The naysayers remind me why I went back to Uni to study Chemistry so I didn’t have to work in customer service any more. Look how entitled some people feel to pick holes in your video instead of taking the time to see the great job you did, for FREE.
    Great job.

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    This video is DA BOMB! God, I wish my teacher was as good as you. Everything is so fricken clear!

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  • Tyler DeWitt 10 years ago

    no, i’m right. because SO2 has three things around the central atom: two atoms (oyxgens) and then one electron pair. so that’s three things wanting to be as far apart as possible. so the angles will be close to 120º, and it’s a little less than 120, because of that electron pair, so you end up with 116º. i’d recommend you watch the video called “VSEPR common mistakes” to learn more about how to think through these problems.

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  • Ā’ishah 10 years ago

    i believe SO2 @ 8:40 is drawn wrong some1 plz clarify

  • Tyler DeWitt 10 years ago

    There are actually a few different but correct ways to draw SO2. You might have seen one of the other ways. Is that what is confusing?

  • Tyler DeWitt 10 years ago

    thanks for the comment! but remember that beryllium dichloride is an important exception–it’s a covalent molecule, even though beryllium is a metal. and if you think about it, it has to be covalent, because ionic compounds don’t form molecules, and we can only do VSEPR with covalent molecules. does that make sense?

  • karatekid552 10 years ago

    My chemistry teacher is having us do reviews of youtube videos to get a better understanding of our topics. So far I’ve found your videos to be the top of the line and all of my reviews have been on them. Thanks for making them!

  • Myra Barquilla 10 years ago

    Atoms that have the lowest electronegativity are usually the central atom. Hydrogen is an exception, hydrogen is never a central atom.

    Ex. CO2

    Carbon has an electronegativity of 2.6 and Oxygen has 3.4, therefore Carbon will be the central atom.

    Hope this helps! 🙂

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  • Devansh Dwivedy 10 years ago

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    Hi! Your video really helped me because my chemistry is really boring and watching this video helped. I have a quick question. Do the lone pairs also repel from each other?

  • Tyler DeWitt 9 years ago

    Yes, lone pairs repel each other, just the same way that bonds repel each other.

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  • Tyler DeWitt 9 years ago

    Boron and Beryllium are both exceptions to the octet rule. Boron is happy with only 6 valence electrons, and Beryllium is happy with only 4 valence electrons. The reason is complicated, but the basic concept is that they are very tony atoms so they are happy with a smaller amount of valence electrons.

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  • SEEANDPEA 9 years ago

    lone-pair push lone-pair > lone-pair push bond-pair > bond-pair push bond-pair.

    A good example of lone-pair pushing another lone-pair is the water molecule.

    The 3D presentation does help a lot instead of just drawing over the board with x,y,z coordinates.

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    No, they would certainly not be linear because apart from the 2 bonded pairs there are two lone pairs. lp-lp repulsion is more than bp-bp repulsion, hence the molecule will be slightly bent.. 104.5 degrees…if i am not wrong

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    There are a number of equally correct ways to draw SO2. You can draw it with two double bonds, or with a double and a single bond. In reality, the molecule is sort of a cross between those two different versions, but the point is you can draw it either way.

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  • Dann-I Music 9 years ago

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  • Joshua Nolos 9 years ago

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  • Tyler DeWitt 9 years ago

    Beryllium dichloride is an important exception. It’s made of a metal and a nonmetal, but it’s actually a covalent molecular compound, not an ionic compound. So yes, what I’m saying is the right nomenclature, because it’s covalent, not ionic.

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      I respectfully disagree. It’s fine if you want to call the molecule “nonlinear,” but “bent” is also a widely accepted term, even in the most technical of circumstances. Look on Wikipedia, and you’ll see that the shape is called “bent,” and I can’t find a Chemistry textbook that doesn’t call it “bent.” Again, I think that “nonlinear” is a fine name, too, but I don’t think that “bent” is a bad term to use.

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      Now for molecular geometry, molecules can actually still have different bond angles, and it’s similar to the concept of having a “fatter” cloud. For example, the molecule phosgene (COCl2) seems to have a trigonal-planar geometry with 120degree bond angles, but it actually has 111.4; the reason is because it has a double bond. And generally, speaking, “electron domains for multiple bonds exert a greater repulsive force on adjacent electron domains than do electron domains for single bonds”.

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      ….O Si O Si O Si 
      ….O Si O Si O Si
      Source Yahoo Answers

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