Use the Law of Attraction to Improve Your Leadership Skills

Published on November 15, 2014 by

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When you begin leading a new business, or take on a new leadership role in a business, you will usually be relatively inexperienced in the cut-and-thrust of business activities. Because of your lack of experience, you will go into business with the wrong people, hire the wrong people, and get involved with the wrong people at many levels.

This is normal and natural and to be expected at the beginning. The key is to always be growing, as a person and as a leader. As you continue to grow and learn, it will reflect in all parts of your life and in business.

There is a universal principle called the “Law of Attraction,” which says, “You always attract into your life the people, ideas, and resources in harmony with your dominant thoughts.”

The fact is that you are living magnet. Like iron filings are attracted to a magnet, you will attract into your life the people who are in harmony with your current level of knowledge, wisdom and experience.

The good news is that, as your leadership skills grow and mature, you will attract into your life better and better people. You will attract better employees, better customers, better suppliers, better bankers and better associates. But, you will always get the people you deserve, based on your current level of personal and professional development.

The only limits on what you can accomplish in your business are those limits you set on yourself with your thinking. You can go as fast and as far as you want on your way to wealth. It is completely up to you.


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