Trigonometry: Solving Right Triangles… How? (NancyPi)

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MIT grad shows how to solve for the sides and angles of a right triangle using trig functions and how to find the missing sides of a right triangle with trigonometry basics. To skip ahead: 1) For HOW to CHOOSE A TRIG FUNCTION to solve for a side you don't know, skip to time 2:10. 2) For how to SOLVE for the LAST SIDE with TRIG, skip to time 6:18. 3) For how to SOLVE for the LAST SIDE with the PYTHAGOREAN THEOREM, skip to time 8:41. 4) For how to SOLVE FOR THE LAST ANGLE, skip to time 10:38. For my video that introduces the BASIC TRIG functions (sin, cos, tan, csc, sec, and cot) and SOH-CAH-TOA, jump to: Nancy formerly of MathBFF explains the steps.

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HOW TO SOLVE A RIGHT TRIANGLE: If you have to "solve a right triangle," it just means to find all the missing angles and sides of a triangle. When you have a right triangle and you already know at least one of the angles (other than the right angle) and at least one of the sides, you can solve for the other sides using a trig function: sine, cosine, or tangent. When solving right triangles, you can use the memory trick sohcahtoa (SOH CAH TOA) to remember the trig ratios for sin, cos, and tan. Pick the trig function that includes both the side you already know AND the side you're looking for. You can use algebra to solve for the length of the unknown side, to find the missing side of a triangle. Once you have that side, you have two options for finding the last unknown side. You can either: 1) use another trig function, or 2) use the Pythagorean Theorem formula. Then you will have all the sides. Make sure you have found all the angles inside the triangle so that you've really "solved" the whole triangle. If you know two angles already (one of them is the right angle, 90 degrees), you can find the last unknown angles really quickly. Since all three angles have to add up to 180 degrees, you can subtract the two angles from 180 to find the unknown angle in degrees.

For how to identify adjacent, opposite, and hypotenuse sides of a triangle, and for an introduction to the trigonometric functions sin, cos, and tan, jump to my BASIC TRIGONOMETRY intro video:

For more of my right triangle trigonometry and other math videos, check out:

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    The first thing I learned is that, despite being a master of algebra, I didn’t know a thing about teaching it. So, immersion in pedagogy was an initial task.

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    With all this stacked against them, they then had to contend with the intense frustration and self-imposed humiliation they felt when they couldn’t do a review problem they had been able to solve a year previously.

    The third thing I learned was that I had to start with these students where they actually were, and not where I thought or hoped they would be. That meant asking if they had slept the night before. Had eaten breakfast. Weren’t too hot or cold. Felt well. Were hydrated. Weren’t (too) high.

    The fourth thing I learned was that to find out where they were I had to become a powerful observer, a gentle questioner, a rock-solid presence for them, and find ways to create a space of safety and careful risk-taking.

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    I didn’t have nearly enough successes, but damn if I didn’t have some awesome ones! I remember one young woman who would do this low “Ohhhh” when she “got” something, and I remember watching her take a test where she did that twice, during the test!

    There was a very sullen young man who was always high (and a genuine ass of the first order), but who somehow agreed to come in straight enough to give algebra a serious try. He couldn’t do any of the review problems, so I grabbed the prior text and went through it backwards. We got to the point where we found his problem was multiplication: He had forgotten how it worked, and had never memorized any multiplication tables. We started from there and made slow but steady progress. One day walking across the quad between classes, I saw him on the far side: He changed direction to come past me for a fist-bump. Two of his other teachers were also there and were shocked, nearly to the point of tears (as was I). It was the first time any of us had seen him have a positive self-directed interaction with any adult on campus!

    There were more victories like that, large and small.

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