The Kinetic Molecular Theory of Gas (part 1)

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Reviews kinetic energy and phases of matter, and explains the kinetic-molecular theory of gases.

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  • bijesh795 14 years ago

    i wish u were my professor….thanks

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    thnxu sOo much 4 posting the video!!
    I wish u were my chemistry teacher … 🙂 ..
    excellent wrk .. 🙂 .. now I dont have to read 6 pages of my textbook .. :):)

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  • Andrea Peña-Vasquez 13 years ago

    i must agree. haha, if u were a gas, you’d be faster than the speed of light 8)
    and the video was very helpful!

  • Tyler DeWitt 13 years ago

    ha! i’m waiting for you to make that one.

  • Tyler DeWitt 13 years ago

    i hope to get one up here soon. but in the mean time, feel free to message me if you have questions. i appreciate your kind comments–they mean a lot!

  • Neil Wacaster 13 years ago

    This is really good!!

  • hanbyel kim 12 years ago

    Hey!!! you are the most amazing teacher!! Thank you so much and it was a lot of help. Thanks!!! Thanks!!

  • Tyler DeWitt 12 years ago

    @sfincher100 congratulations! i’m so happy to hear that!

  • heymarthajones 12 years ago

    Really helpful, thanks, gcse physics just got a lot better 😀 <3

  • managarm1349 12 years ago

    really like the layout of your vids, very well done

  • Mia Bailey 11 years ago

    Thank you for your videos! Studying for chem is a lot easier when you understand what’s going on and you’ve explained it so well!! HUG N KISSES!!

  • Julia Jacobs 11 years ago

    you’re a fabulous teacher!!!

  • alnessarhea repollo 11 years ago

    i admire you so much..

  • Bronwyn Bodnar 10 years ago

    “a lot scarier then it sounds” Nice wording

  • 1996sagark 10 years ago

    you re the man!
    And my professor is a woman!
    Hell yeah!

  • Phaseme0810 10 years ago

    is this the guy who killed me in the batman movie? <3

  • Dave Yen 10 years ago

    2:31 Doesn’t the KMT assume that the particles don’t collide with one another? It says here ‘Particles don’t exert a force on one another.’ Doesn’t this mean they don’t collide? A collision involves dp/dt=F, which means a force is exerted in any collision.

  • Dave Yen 10 years ago

    Oh nevermind. I got it.

  • Eng smiley 10 years ago

    totally amazing ^_^
    i love your works toooo much ..
    god bless you
    thank you ^_^

  • Christina Kresge 10 years ago

    love you! Thank you!!!

  • Dominic Baratta 10 years ago

    You are a great teacher. Explaining things in a way my college professor just can’t accomplish. Thank you so much please keep it up!

  • Alan M 10 years ago

    I have a question, if gasses bounce around in a container and their collisions are elastic, then can this behavior also be true for solids and liquids too? Although the only difference I see is that liquids and solids are held together by molecular forces- is this correct? Else would they too (liquids and solids) be freely bouncing in a container?

  • kamatmehbro 10 years ago

    your passion, communication, drive and patience to name a few things makes you the ideal teacher, someone whom both current and future generations of teachers should aspire to become. Thank you for everything you do! there isn’t a single person who has watched even a second of your videos who did not leave having gained from your videos 🙂

  • Sanjeev Kumar Pugazhendhi 10 years ago

    wish i had teachers like this at school… think you are doing a great job mr dewitt, please keep it up. and I want to ask whether I can get permission to download your videos and teach some children using ’em…

  • HIGH FIVE 9 years ago

    An important clarification: in a collision, kinetic energy becomes a different kind of energy (rather than disappearing). Like matter, energy must be conserved.

    Thank you for the video, it was super helpful.

  • charlie vasquez 9 years ago

    really helpful. the two balls of slime just go blegh aha

  • Tyler DeWitt 9 years ago


  • Jack Whyte 9 years ago

    Tyler, I’m taking my chemistry final exam in a few days. This video is INCREDIBLY helpful, thank you so much! You did an awesome job.

  • Glennyyy 9 years ago

    This video was so helpful I regret going to a tutor lol

  • Peeti Browne 9 years ago

    thanks alot

  • ibensince96 9 years ago

    The fact that some people(usually 1or 2) dislike your videos is a JOCK. God bless you bro.

  • DarthConnis 9 years ago

    At 0:18, did you mean, “Sounds a lot scarier than it is”?

    • Random Internet Profile 7 years ago

      no, because at the atomic level, there’s some pretty scary shit going on, which makes it scarier than it sounds.

  • LadySov109 9 years ago

    Oh so the KMT is a lot scarier than it sounds. 


    I’ve been searching… I can not seem to find information on specific gasses. Just general information. In a nut shell this is my question. If I put 500ml of liquid (nitrogen or hydrogen or oxygen) in a 40 Cu/ft. gas cylinder and allowed it to warm up to 22.2°C , how much pressure would be in the cylinder? Where can I find the base information to do the calculations?

    • jeepien 9 years ago

      Well, since liquid nitrogen is a liquid, there really is no appropriate “gas” law that covers it.

    • MrTHEORIGINALICEMAN 9 years ago

      Nonsense, or perhaps you do not understand the question. Water is a liquid, heated it becomes a gas (steam) that creates pressure. one gallon of water in a 5 gallon container heated to 360° will produce 160psi. Liquid nitrogen heated becomes a gas… 

  • Rohit Raj Wadhwani 8 years ago

    I have been watching your videos from 6 months and you know these make great sense and helpful so thank you for these videos

  • Samuel Tibbitts 8 years ago

    0:20 …which is a lot scarier than it sounds…

    Kinetic molecular gas theory, don’t mess with it.

    • Alexander Valencia 8 years ago

      Too funny

  • Sharmi J 8 years ago

    thnx tyler it helps a lot 🙂

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      Thats how I feel about all chemistry xd

    • Andrew Gulick 5 years ago

      A lot of things can sound scary, especially if your camping out in the woods by yourself.

  • Hamdi 8 years ago

    Go to “kinetic molecular theory of gasses” on khanacadamymedicine channel, you will see a more explained way with actual numbers.

    • Random Internet Profile 7 years ago

      I watch those videos a lot. that one guy gets too ahead of himself sometimes and starts skipping around, confusing himself. kinds funny though.

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