The de Broglie Wavelength and Wave Particle Duality – A Level Physics

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If waves can sometimes exhibit particle like properties, does that mean that electrons that we have always through of as particles also behave as waves? What about other particles? What about you? This video shows the next (logical) steps in the work of scientists from the early part of the twentieth century.

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  • ginga2122 7 years ago

    Wow, this channel is too good! if you can be bothered I’d seriously appreciate it if you made A2 Physics and ISA videos.

    • Physics Online 7 years ago

      My plan is to finish off the AS content, then do the full A2 course (and all the options) as well as a guide on how to do the practical work. Keep watching to see the new videos I add.

    • ginga2122 7 years ago

      Thank you very much!

    • Lakshmi Narasimha Murthy Vishnubhotla 6 years ago

      +ginga2122 (•_•)

  • ale ale 7 years ago

    this channel is great! thanks for the videos

  • h35019 7 years ago

    Wow, thank you for taking the time to make these videos. As someone who regrets not taking proper A-levels (and seeing how much it costs to take them as an adult) this is the perfect in-between for me. I feel sad that, like many school leavers, I never really knew about these fundamental scientific concepts (which affect our everyday life).

    • Physics Online 7 years ago

      @h35019 Thanks. But it’s never too late to learn – especially with the internet and the wealth of new material produced about these core subjects.

    • Louis Cooper 5 years ago

      You could always take a foundation year at university if you like the idea of studying science at degree level.

  • usa2008stallion 7 years ago

    what pen are u using? its looks nice.

  • samson mwita 7 years ago

    These videos are so helpful thank you.

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    nice work keep it up 🙂

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    hopefully pass physics with this ty m80

    • Frosst 3 years ago

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    • Michael Peres 3 years ago

      Yh And?.?.

  • Harvey Marples 6 years ago

    Can’t thank you enough for this channel honestly, soooooo useful 🙂

    • Physics Online 6 years ago

      +Harvey Marples Thanks – it’s something I now look back on and wish I’d started sooner. Its really useful for the students I teach at school and has also helped many more students around the world since then.

    • Harvey Marples 6 years ago

      Yeah, its honestly one of the most useful resources I have for revision and stuff, its awesome thank you 🙂

  • Oscarandjo 6 years ago

    What’s the pen, looks really satisfying.

    • A Level Physics Online - Year 13 6 years ago

      +Oscarandjo It’s a Pilot V-Sign Pen in medium – lovely to write with.

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    • Physics Online 6 years ago

      +Hannie Shah Thanks. They are Pilot V-Sign Medium pens from eBay.

  • vertonical 6 years ago

    Sorry but how is Diffraction( the spreading of a wave) an example of interference again?

  • Anirudh Mahida 6 years ago

    so if right am not looking at my toe.. its behaving like a wave… it may not be even present… if am not looking at a person… it is quite possible that he isnt even in this dimension?!!!! though i may feel that i am made of particle… its again probable that i am wave in reality or rather am both at the same time …. !!! woah… crazy enough…. So i am now no more even sure if i even exist? if world is particle wave or both or nothing? Creepy…

  • Mind Body Daily 6 years ago

    pen is pilot v sign pen

  • Rudolf Rafinov 6 years ago

    Does water also behave as both wave and particle?

    • Bodinky 4 years ago

      Haha nah bro these are atomic particles, can’t see wave forms

  • Onim 5 years ago

    why isn’t my teacher like you? God you are just an amazing teacher 😏 man u are the best so far … I WILL CONTACT YOU ONE DAY JUST TO TELL YOU HOW MUCH YOU ACTUALLY HELPED ME 😎 dude I really appreciate it. U ARE HELPING US A LOT 😭🙌🙏👑

  • Miguel De Zayas 4 years ago

    the egg or the chicken right? I have a different take to the story here

  • Vlatko Zeman 4 years ago

    hi, good video. My question. Can the equation f = E / h -> f = (m * c ^ 2) / h be applied to the matter, for example 5 kg of stone and calculate the frequency of matter or does not make sense

  • Mr Surfacer 1200 4 years ago

    luv ur vid and ur pen man

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    Can sound waves generate electricity?

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