Significant Figures Made Easy!

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Don't be confused by Significant Figures! It will JUST MAKE SENSE with this video! An introduction to significant figures. Discusses how to round for multiplication and division using significant digits.

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  • devilskullsixtysix 14 years ago

    Dude you made this really simple thank you very much! 😀

  • DryWhater 14 years ago

    thnx 4 the help

  • Charlie Mätur 14 years ago

    thanx man that really help your awesome for putting a video about this thats why i love you tube everything is in here thanx

  • reslus 14 years ago

    Wonderful service you did for students. Much love!

  • Tyler DeWitt 14 years ago

    i understand your question, but 1,600 only has two significant figures, so you don’t have to worry. zeroes at the end of a number without any decimal places (like the two zeros in 1,600) don’t count as significant figures. you correctly said that the answer could be reported as 1.6 x 10^3, and that’s just a different way of writing 1,600. you should watch my video about zeros if you’re confused about which zeroes are significant and which aren’t.

  • electoman99 13 years ago

    How would you turn 895.23 into 2 significant figures?

  • Tyler DeWitt 13 years ago

    that is a very picky way of doing significant figures, and–honestly–pretty much no one does it that way. in these videos, i say round up if you have a 5, so 3.385 always becomes 3.39. that’s what like 99% of people do. i’m sorry if your teacher wants you to do it the complicated way!

  • Tyler DeWitt 13 years ago

    it’s always the lowest number. so there’s 3 sig figs in 231, and 2 sig figs in 24, right? so you’ll round your answer to 2 sig figs. when i divide 231 by 24, i get 9.625, so i’ll round that to 2 sig figs, and it will be 9.6

    make sense?

  • Tyler DeWitt 13 years ago

    i do the same number of digits first because it’s easier. if you have questions about multiple digits, watch the next video, significant figures 1.2

  • Tyler DeWitt 13 years ago

    thank YOU so much! i love to hear that my videos are helpful. good luck in chemistry!

  • Sidney Hui 13 years ago

    my chem teacher is so bad at teaching.

  • soccerkjr 13 years ago

    Thanks alot dude. Helped ALOT!! i had no idea what was going on in chem class but know that’s changed!

  • Billy Jimibob 13 years ago

    nice of you to try to help people with this

  • X J 13 years ago

    5:09 hahaha multiplecation.

  • Angelini Antanorri 13 years ago

    omg thank you soooo much ^_^ very helpful!

  • Tyler DeWitt 13 years ago

    she said that because she’s super picky. the idea is that 5 is right in the middle so if you round the number so it’s even, sometimes you’ll go up and sometimes you’ll keep it the same. statistically-speaking, it doesn’t make sense and it’s not really a sound argument, but if it keeps your teacher happy, you should probably do it.

  • mrSilkie 13 years ago

    Thank you very very much, the teacher didn’t have alot of time left to fully got through this with us 🙂

    however, what happens if you have

    NNN.NN X NN.N?

  • mrSilkie 13 years ago

    okl, just got to the end of the vid 😛

  • Tyler DeWitt 13 years ago

    yes, that’s right, because there’s only ONE significant figure in 6, so the answer should only have one as well. you could write it as “40”, or if you want to use scientific notation, you can also write it as 4 x 10^1.

  • Andy Veh 12 years ago

    If you have an area that looks roughly like a square and the sides measure roughly 6 ft each, then yes, the answer is 40 sq.ft.
    However, notice the emphasis on “measurement” and “roughly”.
    If instead you measured the sides with a higher accuracy of 6 ft 0 in each, then the correct answer is 36 ft.
    If you didn’t measure at all and 6 times 6 are exact integers (as you’re doing a problem in math class), the correct answer is 36.

  • Kidrazor96 12 years ago

    This is pure genious, Best revision EVER

  • Kidrazor96 12 years ago

    @tdewitt451 What if it was something like:

    67 X 8 = ???
    There’s 2 digits on one side and only 1 digit on the other

  • TeamFurjan 12 years ago

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I get it finally. Lol. I have two bad teachers. Lol. Thanks Man. I finally got it. Lol and haha. 😀

  • tomandjerry600t 12 years ago

    how many significant figures is this? 40,000? 5? or 2?

  • Tyler DeWitt 12 years ago

    @swiitiichiil do you mean that 1.50 is what your calculator gives you, or 1.50 is what you want to round to? if it’s the calculator, it might have to do with what kind you’re using; i’m using a TI-83, which spits out many numbers after the decimal. if, on the other hand, 1.50 is the number you want as your final answer, that’s not right, because the zero at the end counts as a significant figure (watch my video on zeros), and you can’t have three significant figures in the final answer.

  • BengBengCat 12 years ago

    Thank you!

  • Kindara360Spades 12 years ago

    You saved me from Chem Honors my teacher can’t teach for crap. I wish you were my teacher rofl. Thanks!

  • Kelly LYons 12 years ago

    That’s a repeating decimal. Just saying

  • kiduel 12 years ago

    Great!!! it helped a lot,

  • David Zamarripa 12 years ago

    This helped a lot man, damn my chemistry teacher is soo damn horrible at his job, I don’t think anyone in the class even understand what the fuck he was talking about.

  • David Zamarripa 12 years ago

    Thank God for this video, I have a test on this tomorrow

  • josh3367 12 years ago

    @tdewitt451 i thought 6 and 6 were counting numbers and not meausrements therefore it has infanate sig figs and its 36

  • Tyler DeWitt 12 years ago

    @josh3367 good question. just because it’s 6 doesn’t mean it’s a “counting” number. if it’s 6 apples, then it’s a counting number (infinite sig figs). if it’s 6 feet, it’s a measurement with one sig fig. 6 people, counting; 6 pounds, measurement. make sense? here, i just want to show the basics, so i’m doing sig fig rules with all numbers–i’m essentially assuming that they’re all measurements.

  • Michael Y 12 years ago

    Hahahahaha i love u guy in the yellow thnxs so much!

  • Alvin Chen 12 years ago

    are the rules the same for adding and subtracting?

  • Tyler DeWitt 12 years ago

    @aznxboy1228 watching videos on significant figures on christmas eve? i’d think you were a pre-med at MIT.

  • Alvin Chen 12 years ago

    @tdewitt451 aw! why would you ever accuse me of being one?

  • AdorableNinja19 12 years ago

    thank you so much this video is a life saver my teacher cant teach for anything making this look so complicated then after watching this u make it look easy n i finaly get this thanks again ^w^

  • baggedyman 12 years ago

    I swear, this will f*ck me up in Calculus.

  • DJ S 12 years ago

    @swiitiichiil its the sme dont add zeros

  • Edgar Martinez 12 years ago

    thank you so much this is a perfect tutorial.

  • Arash Razi 12 years ago

    lol, if you are smart you figured it is easy,lol

  • Egzon Shabani 12 years ago

    7.09 how do u knw 1 and 5 is gonna stay :s his is what I need help :d

  • Reza Math Lessons 11 years ago

    why you chose all numbers that have the same number of you did all special cases.what if we divide 3 digit num by 2 digit num?

  • Krishan Dhokia 11 years ago

    Love you dude (no homo)

  • ROSIE DAY 11 years ago

    what about 45/456? is it to 2 or 3 sig fig?

  • Bunfire123 11 years ago

    lol very helpful

  • flashing511 11 years ago

    hi mate thanx for this useful piece of information , BUT I THINK there is sth wrong if u go through (56×28)again … , UR ANSWER was 1.600 which has 4 significant figs and u needed only 2 of them .. i do not know if i’m right but any ways watch from 5:15 thanx

  • Tyler DeWitt 11 years ago

    @flashing511 here are a few things that may help. 1,600 has only two significant figures (watch my “significant figures and zero” video for more info on that). but remember that i’m from the US, where 1,600 means one thousand six hundred. in much of the rest of the world, 1,600 means something a little less than 2: one and six tenths. in the US, we’d write that number as 1.600, and 1.600 would have four significant figures. does that make sense?

  • flashing511 11 years ago

    @tdewitt451 thanx yes ,,,it does . sorry for interrupting 🙂

  • Joy Bongzkytan 11 years ago

    god im really slow in significant figures

  • Tyler DeWitt 11 years ago

    @TFrench009 you’re doing a subtracting problem. you want to watch my video “addition and subtraction with significant figures.” that will tell you the answer you need.

  • Min ay 11 years ago

    Man…. chemistry is so hard my teacher is really bad at explaining things. but thats america for you

  • Mayra Vega 11 years ago

    omg I freaken love you..I now understand this because of you!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Edward Nygma 11 years ago

    So…….. sig. fig. are used to keep teachers from being asked, “What value do we round to???”

  • BONELESS 11 years ago

    Dude thank you Sooo much !! U saved my ass !!!

  • Tyler DeWitt 11 years ago

    @bennemann you’re exactly right! the whole POINT of significant figures is to DECREASE the precision of your result, because it was too precise to begin. if both numbers you multiply together have two digits of precision, your final answer can’t have more than two digits of precision.

  • ddarakdjian 11 years ago

    @tdewitt451 how would you round off if the number is not exact, for instance converting Mount Everest to meters from feet to the correct number of SF
    29028ft = 8847.73m ?

  • pikaparty 11 years ago

    Oh, now I get it. :0

  • bigdog131000 11 years ago

    AAAAAh I have a TEST tomorrow.

  • Eliza M 11 years ago

    Thank you! I have a quiz on Monday about this.

  • Tyler DeWitt 11 years ago

    @TheIkitta if that already makes sense to you, go for it. i talk more about that approach in my video “scientific notation and significant zeros (1.8).”

  • Felix Law 11 years ago

    professor john mayer

  • Tyler DeWitt 11 years ago

    @aznxboy1228 no. watch my video “add and subtract with significant figures (1.6)”

  • TwilightFlip 11 years ago

    You taught me more in 7 minutes than my teacher could in a whole class.

  • Joel Lindholm 11 years ago

    @TheIkitta: Yes it’s right

  • Yenifer Cruz 11 years ago

    omg u should become a teacher this help me so much

  • jennanuntavijan 11 years ago

    Why did you add the zeros after the multiplication and not the division?

  • Josh C 11 years ago

    @hupper12345 2 — it’s always the lowest

  • That Man Melvin 11 years ago

    1600 is 4 s.f., since zeros only don’t count infront of the others, like 0.5 (1s.f.)
    1600 in 2s.f. should be 1.6×10^3, as Thelkitta said.

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  • Susanelena 11 years ago

    wow you made it so much simpler than my chem teacher :b thank you so much!!!!!

  • Tyler DeWitt 11 years ago

    @Allison0776 yes! watch my next video, significant figures 1.2. i have a whole series of sig fig videos, you can watch them in order and everything should make sense!

  • Tyler DeWitt 11 years ago

    @hupper12345 watch the next video, significant figures 1.2

  • Roberta Marques 11 years ago

    very helpful ! thank you.

  • M Abdullah 10 years ago

    but accoring to my book 3.385 will be round into 3.38 i.e if the digit is Even before 5 then that even number will remain unchange, i.e 3.38 And if the digit is odd before 5 then it will be round into its next even number.

  • thomas meccos 10 years ago

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  • Tyler DeWitt 10 years ago

    i’m glad it was helpful! i certainly do have a second part. it’s called significant figures made easy (1.2). i also have tons of other videos on significant figures: you can find them all by searching my youtube channel, tdewitt451

  • ETTeqnikz 10 years ago

    I’m learning this in maths, not chemistry or physics…

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  • Blue Gomme 10 years ago

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  • King of Eden 10 years ago

    And if the numbers have different amount of integers like 568364 divided by 436?

  • Tyler DeWitt 10 years ago

    then watch the next part of this video, significant figures made easy (1.2). and then from there, you can watch the videos on significant figures and zero (1.3, 1.4, and 1.5), and then adding and subtracting significant figures (1.6). good luck!

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    good thing too, i have some of this in my chemistry test tommorow.

  • 0718Dragonlord 10 years ago

    not all of us, my teacher showed this to me. 😛

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    I hate being the odd one.

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  • KevinMaster Flexington 10 years ago

    so what if you have to find the number of sig figs on scientific notation??

  • Tyler DeWitt 10 years ago

    then you should watch my video called “scientific notation and significant figures”

  • KevinMaster Flexington 10 years ago

    that was exactly what i was looking for!!! thanks!!

  • Liz Z 10 years ago

    i learned that for a number with 2 significant figures, eg ur example 56 x28 = 1,568.. then we should use scientific notation instead of just filling them in like zeros. such as 1.6 x 10^3 instead of 1600, is that correct? should we use scientific notation instead of just filling them in with zeros?

  • Tyler DeWitt 10 years ago

    that is a very good questions, but the answer is very complicated. i talk about this in my video called “scientific notation and significant zeros (1.8).”

  • kittywakes 10 years ago

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  • Shawn Wooton 10 years ago

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  • Tyler DeWitt 10 years ago

    yeah, i intentionally left that rule out because i hate it, and it’s mathematically incorrect. i know that some teachers like to use it, but it was designed for accounting (like rounding numbers in a bank account), NOT for scientific measurements. so if that rule is in your textbook, then maybe you should use it in class (ask your teacher), but i’m not trying to teach it here.

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    This video also helped a lot.

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    Thanks, however, it turns out that that my instructor said that only those numbers that have been measured are the ones that one should consider when rounding up, which i find so confusing. The problem was to convert 1.2 weeks into seconds

  • Tyler DeWitt 10 years ago

    here are two videos that might be helpful for this: watch “why are significant figures important?” and then “significant figures with measurements and counting numbers.”

    • shivansh Jha 2 years ago

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    Since 56 has 2 significant numbers, you gotta round the final answer to 2 digits. The rule in multiplication or division in significant figures is you gotta round the final answer to least number of significant numbers in the question.

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  • Dee Everitt 9 years ago

    I have learned all things sig figs from you.  What I don’t understand is my chem book asks how many sig figs in 250mg?  The book say’s, “3 the trailing zero is significant.” That doesn’t make sense to me.  I thought it would be 2 sig figs. The 2 and 5.  There is no decimal, so the zero to the right should be insignificant.  Right?

    • Tyler DeWitt 9 years ago

      You’re right! And the book’s wrong. Without that decimal point, you can’t know that the trailing zero is significant, and it’s correct to assume that it isn’t. Just FYI, if that zero were significant, one way (other than a decimal point) to show that it is significant would be to put the number into scientific notation: when you write 2.50 x 10^2 mg, that would show that the zero is significant, because then it’s to the right of a decimal place. Good question!

    • Dee Everitt 9 years ago

        I also went to chem tutor today, and they too said book was wrong.  I’ve yet to show instructor, but I will.  Keep up the good work.  Your explanations are stellar!  Now on to learning moles…

    • craig hay 8 years ago

      250mg is 0.250 of a gram and so that zero is significant. I think you’re thinking of it as a whole 250 instead of the decimal 0.250. Hope that helps

    • Dee Everitt 8 years ago

      @craig hay

  • Pure Playa 9 years ago

    lets say i have, 5.61 x 7.891 How would i know how much significant figures to round it to

    • Lyrics101 9 years ago

      My Chem teacher said that you always go with the number with the smallest amount of significant figures.
      5.61 = 3 Significant figures
      7.891 = 4 Significant figures
      So your final answer should have 3 significant figures.

    • Sir Gino Ferrer 8 years ago

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    • Tyler DeWitt 7 years ago

      There’s a lot of confusion about this. That rule with the even/odd rounding thing was designed for accounting, for rounding amounts of money. It’s actually called the “Banker’s Rule.” But we’re not doing accounting or money management here, so those rules are actually incorrect to use with science. Some teachers tell students to do the even/odd rounding thing, but they’re teaching it wrong. The Banker’s Rule should only be applied to accounting and money calculations, not to scientific measurements.

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      This rule is used in science and engineering because it eliminates the possibility of multiplying error due to rounding.
      I provide my students with the following problem to prove what I’m saying.
      Add 0.5+1.5+2.5+3.5+4.5+5.5+6.5+7.5+8.5+9.5= 50
      Now round as they teach in the lower grades (5 or more rounds up)
      1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9 = 55 That’s a 10% error
      IF, however you use the rule you described, then only 1/2 of the numbers round up – the others “in essence” round down.
      0+2+2+4+4+6+6+8+8+10 = 50
      That’s right, the error disappears. In engineering when (for example – you’re building a bridge) you continually round everything with a 5 up… the bridge falls down (hypothetically).
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      I know that general rounding says to only look at one number to do rounding, but what is really meant is that you can’t round twice.
      24.549 (rounded to 3 sig figs can ONLY use the 4. I can’t use the 9 behind the 4 to round it to 5… and then use the 5 to round up.
      Hope this isn’t too convoluted to understand!

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