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Q&A with Nancy! Nancy, formerly of MathBFF, answers your questions on her new math channel, NancyPi.

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  • Ikam6 4 years ago

    This video reveals your trick 😉
    Thanks for the Q&A and thanks for the math tips

  • Akif Akpinar 4 years ago

    Uuu i like that magic
    Hair line on the right instead of left like in previous videos.
    Right handed, not left like in teaching videos.

    You have nice content on your channel. Thx for the teach 🙂

    • Elmas Yıldız 3 years ago

      Kalash55 👌🏼

  • Cole Blair 4 years ago

    She simply flips the video on the X-axis in the video editing. I am now a wizard.

  • J Will 4 years ago

    This was good. Also your editing was fun. And thanks for the math help.

  • Prince Primus 4 years ago

    You made math enjoyable thanks

  • Prince Primus 4 years ago

    You should change the name of your channel to:’I love Nancy’ because indeed you have a very likeable personality

  • Prince Primus 4 years ago

    I can tell you why can write backward l had a secretary who could have written backward. She was ambidextrous. But any left handed person can write backward

  • Lara Hossam 4 years ago

    you’re incredible

  • Saleh Aboutaama 4 years ago

    After finishing this video I have one important question, will you explain any math logic courses?
    like Discrete Math and those ones for CS students…?

  • Oni 4 years ago


  • Oni 4 years ago

    it’s okay to be nervous fam

  • Kevin Seven 4 years ago

    Thank you for providing me with education for all these years

  • sirmovielover 4 years ago

    I love watching your videos. You explain things very well. Could you do some Calculus III videos? Like vector projections & more.

  • Daniel Belmiro 4 years ago

    She uses a lot of her right hand in these videos, and in her math lessons, she uses her left hand. Think about it, and you will know her secret.

  • Seaprimate Jenkins 4 years ago

    Hmmm, I bet the trick to writing like she does is finding the inverse, then finding the inverse of the inverse. In other words, it’s highly probable that she’s right handed. lol

  • Richard Harrington 4 years ago

    Haha… tapping the nails on the phone.

  • Kaptain 1964 4 years ago

    Ok I guess Nancy does nor write backwards, she is obviously right handed, and is writing normally, then she mirror images the video left to right so it looks as if she is magically writing left handed backwards in real time!

  • Jon Richards 4 years ago

    Nancy ur a beauty

  • Adarsh Kr Jha 4 years ago

    Actually i know….you write with your right hand…and give the image ‘mirror effect’…or you laterally invert it!!

  • Ironman KMSA 4 years ago

    thank you so much for helping me not flunk!! I’ve learned a ton. Please keep going. You’re amazing!

  • s 4 years ago

    nancy you aren’t as robotic in this video… and your eyes aren’t as dilated

  • Ragnar Lothbrok 4 years ago

    Q and A top question…..Will you marry me?

  • johnlopez655 4 years ago


  • Kuberan Govender 4 years ago

    If is not post production, I think it is:…………….

    She writes on a glass, the camera records the in a mirror. So she really writes with her right hand… and because if lateral inversion in a mirror we see it as her left hand.

  • michaelf1900 4 years ago

    You are gorgeous, I have never seen your smile before, and I must say it is a most beautiful one

  • Ethan Stark 4 years ago

    Anyone else notice the bag that kept jumping in and out of shots in the bottom left?

  • Qudratol Wazir 4 years ago

    Miss you were chemistry

  • Steven Priest 4 years ago

    LOL. I was a “wizard” before you… granted, I was a lower tech and not nearly as photogenic wizard, with a small apartment and limited resources at the time. I have only 16 videos on my channel that I did during my return to UIC for ChemE degree.
    Keep up the good work!

  • JamieG321 4 years ago

    2:08 I appreciate the fact that you said “maths” and not math

  • Trib Triboulet 4 years ago

    Great channel.

  • A problem 6ix 4 years ago

    i love you i love you i love you i love you i loveyou

    • WolfangOPGaming 3 years ago


  • Kevin Owens 4 years ago

    I am so happy for you getting your own channel. I really would like to see you do more 3rd semester calculus problems (gradients, triple integrals etc) maybe differential equations. You really make this fun and enjoyable in so many ways. All the best!

  • BASEsick TRUTH 4 years ago

    Can you do more non-math videos?

    I’m not here for the math….

  • chaas seek 4 years ago

    I am here for maths only!!! no that is not true 😍

    • WolfangOPGaming 3 years ago

      i wish you never commented this

  • Shaunav Kaushik 4 years ago

    How are you so beautiful?

  • Soudamini panda 4 years ago

    Hay congratulations 100k

  • Steve T 4 years ago

    Another idea for a future talk video: career opportunities for math majors! What kinds of interesting work can math majors hope to find after graduation.

  • Joe Anthony 4 years ago

    I often used your MATHBFF videos a few years ago in my tutoring in algebra because they are so great. Now I’d to use them again. Are the old ones still available? Please say YES. Thanks, volunteer math tutor in San Diego

  • tc l 4 years ago

    U should start a asmr channel for real tho

  • Bojokowski 4 years ago

    I wanted to know was how she wrote backward so well.
    Also, how she so hot and smart?
    I love pasta too and don’t know how to end things

  • T W 4 years ago

    Bob Ross!! Cool. 🙂

  • T W 4 years ago

    I so appreciate your videos! It was nice seeing a bit of a personal type video. Your voice is very calming and I really appreciate you breaking down the steps…which is totally needed as I take my Calculus course!! Trying to solidify it in my head!!

  • A5KR4 4 years ago

    What do you work

  • James Mclaughlin 4 years ago

    Doesn’t hurt to be super hot.

  • ammar nezam 4 years ago

    I need to take lesson . Sure not free ?
    Please agree to give me lessons and I am ready to the cost for these lessons

  • Ryan McGowan 4 years ago

    -Pasta math. I don’t know what it is, but it could be something. Antipasti would be imaginary numbers, obviously.
    -Weird and unexpected results from math. Like the Game Show problem, infinites, Mandelbrot set, my high school report cards… etc.
    -Recite pi. In it’s entirety. Backwards from the end. (I would watch all of it)
    -The statistical probability that the end of the world is near, and that it’s because Kim Kardashian had a baby with Kanye. I’ve done the math, and I keep getting 99.999% to 9 standard deviations.
    -Make one video on day one. Two on day two. Four on day three. Eight on day four. Keep doubling each day, until I get bored. On day 64, play chess. It’s called the Chess challenge. I made it up.

  • Paring Hudas 4 years ago

    So beautiful and smart..

  • Shannon Ware 4 years ago

    Very funny, great presentation. Questions, ideas… since you are a computer science person as well as a math person, I am interested in learning more about and achieving fluency in the areas of math ther pertain to comp sci. Different bases are an example of a starting point. Or factoring because it relates to cryptography, etc. Pure math is great, I only discovered that late in life. I suppose many people are looking for practical solutions, and I think computers are a great place to discover how wonderful (necessary) math is. (I see a similar comment just below this one; I know I am not alone in this notion.)

  • Zeeshan Syed 4 years ago

    You have some really high quality content on your channel. Nicely done!

  • Jaswinder Singh 4 years ago

    What is ur nationalisty ??

  • xlovelyveex 4 years ago

    omg you’ve got such a good personality!!

  • Robert Foley 4 years ago

    Here’s a question for you–how would you like to be my next ex-wife?

    • OneManShow 3 years ago

      Probably the same answer as your last ex-wife.

  • jonard lopez 4 years ago

    here is mine. what type of workout do you do ?

  • Basil Zaidi 4 years ago

    You are the reason why I started liking calculus lol

  • Serat Bhuiyan 4 years ago

    1:05 How do you write backwards? She simply flips the video after she is done recording;and no she isn’t writing backwards!

  • Serat Bhuiyan 4 years ago

    MIT is expensive;how were you able to pay off the tuition fee,do you come from rich background?

  • Monique Whittingham 4 years ago

    lol… You have no idea what your videos has done for me. Ran from math all my life thinking i wouldnt need it.. Pssh! 🙁
    Magic X has changed my LIFE and a few friends that i imparted the knowledge to 😀 HAhaha

  • SS3MANIA 4 years ago

    Do you know you helped me finish calculus and loved it . I’ve finished Calculus 1,2,3 easy and it all started with you. Thank you Nancy!

    • Rob 3 years ago

      Thats what i hope for…have Calculus nxt semester

  • Gohar I Nayab 4 years ago

    You are the cutest math teacher in the world. It will be an honor to have you as a friend and off course keeping math apart even though I calculate a lot and teach Math the whole day.

  • Ashfaque Ahmed Tunio 4 years ago

    You write on glass and mirror your videos. That’s it.

  • Jim Schwartz 4 years ago

    How do you explain using determinants to solve systems of equations?

  • RTarson 4 years ago

    She mirror the video to write backwards.

  • MrBat000 4 years ago

    very cute!!

    • WolfangOPGaming 3 years ago


  • S L 4 years ago

    Alot of cherry picked non questions.

  • Truman Hicks 4 years ago

    Could you do a video on consecutive integers, please?

  • Reggie87 4 years ago

    Does this girl have the total package, beauty and brains?

  • Nathan Smalley 4 years ago

    For the first question, I think there is a projection of what she is about to write, so she just traces what is projected. Add a bit of cleverness and you’ll have some fooled viewers!

  • TG373 -M85 4 years ago

    Thank the lord for this woman, massive help

  • phokeybladewar 4 years ago

    I enjoyed this video way more than i would

  • Nadir Al-Harthi 4 years ago

    Nancy u said you have passion for computer science then make a video for coding.

  • DASHING GAMER 4 years ago

    Super Cute😋

    • WolfangOPGaming 3 years ago

      you’re probably a fat kid that can’t any girls shut up

  • Mr.K. 4 years ago

    Nancy, math and computer science teacher here 🙂 Can you do a video on Boolean Algebra?

  • AJ02 4 years ago

    I think she flips the video so the writing is the correct way round

    • NOSHERWAN 4 years ago


  • Private Factory 4 years ago

    How she writes backwards, well thats easy. Everything that you write on a posterior side of the transparent surface on camera will look in reverse, the only way to correct that is to mirror-flip the image in post production, which by the way creates another interesting effect that proves the above. In this Q&A vid she is holding her mobile phone is her right hand, its safe to say that she is right-handed, but in all her math videos she is holding a marker-pen is her left hand, this effect is caused by the “mirror-flip”.

  • M.Sammi ur Rehman 4 years ago

    Can you teach more subjects like physics,biology or chemistry?

  • Big TREV 4 years ago

    West coast is the best coast NANCY

  • M.Sammi ur Rehman 4 years ago

    Is there is your another account

  • Jean Bosco Mucaca 4 years ago

    How can u solve f(x)=5÷2x_4

  • Daniel Breen 4 years ago

    Thanks for all you do! You’re channel’s been a great resource for me through Pre-Calc and Calc 1. I hope you feel awesome about that.

  • Brenda Luis 4 years ago

    a bit of a silly question here, how do you write backwards so well?? are you a wizard?

    • The FanBase 4 years ago

      she mirrors the video, she writes on a glass.

  • Noah 4 years ago

    YES CAN U EXPLAIN WHY ANY NUMBER TO THE ZEROITH POWER IS 1. Also maybe the traveling salesmen problem if you have time lol

    • Matthew Zaldaña 4 years ago

      If you see that
      4!= 24

      You divide by 4 to get:
      3!= 6
      You divide by 3 to get:
      2! = 2
      You divide by 2 to get:
      1! = 1
      You divide by 1 to get:
      0! =1
      Just one way.

  • KANDJOU VETUAKOUUA 4 years ago

    this is really interesting.. you hve answered a lot of my questions Nancy. super cul

  • Ubi Bhatt 4 years ago

    *Nancy people are not loyal to you, or to your teaching skills (they are good though), people are here to see your face.*

  • TheBandScanner 4 years ago

    Strange but nice. Personally I would like to see a session just devoted to the use of symbols. When I was a kid each year at school was like a barrage of snowballs thrown at you. How helpful it would have been to have been given an overview from the start; a kind of “heads up.”

  • Kris Kollar 4 years ago


  • LifeIsShowtime 4 years ago

    I remembered watching your former channel because you teach better than my profs to learn maths when I was still a freshman 😂

  • Adam Chavez 4 years ago

    Did you say that you are into computer science? Will you make some videos on that please?!

  • King Umar 4 years ago

    Can you solve the square root of pi to the power of negative infinity, I’ve already solved it, I just wanted to know if you can do it.

    • Noor Nedal 4 years ago

      Math Lovers pro level questions zero

    • King Umar 4 years ago

      @Noor Nedal correct

  • Daniel Duran 4 years ago

    You are a genius – and a beautiful personality! Keep up with the good work on math videos – I always learn a lot!

  • ShadowCabalist 4 years ago

    My sister was naturally left handed but in the time and place that we grew up in, it was not acceptable. She was taken out of her class and trained to be righted. The procedure somehow granted her the ability to write inverse or reverse or the combination of the two. No one ever borrowed her class notes from lectures more than once. Did you experience something like this or is it just a left handed thing?

  • Dante Francisco Domingo Carlos Andres Sebastian 4 years ago

    Great video 🙂

  • PREETI TALREJA 4 years ago

    Make videos on sector area

  • light ryuzaki 4 years ago

    Are you single?….

  • Allen Alea 4 years ago

    shes so hot tho

  • Coltyn Stone-Lamontagne 4 years ago

    Holds phone in right hand… writes with left hand… vid must be flipped 😂… however which one is flipped? This vid or all of the tutorials!?

  • Rohit Paluru 4 years ago

    Thank you very much, I just passed because of you

  • chaitanya kapoor 4 years ago

    can you do a video on how to take antilog ? would be useful for physics problems

  • Robert Bercovitz 4 years ago


  • Caye Zara 4 years ago

    Oh, Nancy you are gorgeous.

  • Magreth Mununga 4 years ago

    Hey Nancy how do we calculate regression and correlation?

  • HS 99 4 years ago

    Are you married? Do you have kids? Would you marry me?

  • Danilo Montalvo 4 years ago

    I’ll be your friend in the east coast and who doesn’t love Pasta plus I appreciate all the times you have help me with math watching your videos lol

  • Mariano 4 years ago

    I’m Not Letting You Go This Time

  • KingsKid 4 years ago

    HOW CAN I PROVE MATHMATICALLY THAT ab>a+b for all a and b

  • MaliceWonderland88 4 years ago

    I’m so happy you are back! Thank’s for all the help!

  • Rakan KF 4 years ago


    • Wang Xunan 4 years ago

      Rakan KF lol she just writes normally and flips her video along the y-axis

  • TheFarmanimalfriend 4 years ago

    Teach a man to fish and he’ll sit in a boat all day and drink beer.

  • Shreshth Sharma 4 years ago

    IIT exams are a way much very very difficult than getting into mit , sundar pichai is a student of iit

  • alex dacosta 4 years ago

    Im from the east coast and make some great pasta:)

  • Denmar Chambers 4 years ago

    tbhhhhh i really just came for the teacher

    • WolfangOPGaming 3 years ago

      wtf is wrong with you no one asked

  • Robert Vincent 4 years ago

    I share your math instruction with many students and parents.

  • Master Zhao 4 years ago

    Computer Science? Please do some programming videos! Especially ones with Linux

  • Ashley Cameron 4 years ago

    Hi Nancy, How do stay mathematically motivated, and what inspires you to do it ?

  • marco sena 4 years ago

    I will Explain everything about how my girl write in this way…..The way of the people thinking is not right…My girl does not write in a mirror way ….. In her most videos We saw that she write with her lift hand but in the video of (Nancy answers your Questions) you will find that she welcomes us with her right hand not with her lift one as in the most of her videos….The way is she writes with her right hand in a glass then she mirrored the video itself…..My girl is not a super girl… She is a smart one♥
    Love you♥

  • marco sena 4 years ago

    So, In this video I observed that you are right-handed not lift-handed like other videos… you mirrored the video itself…..I love you, Genius girl…..Thank you, video♥

    • Kishore Subramani 4 years ago

      She uses to write on glass which is placed in front of the camera

  • Kishore Subramani 4 years ago

    #teach set theory,Relations and function please nancy 🤗

  • B Plail 4 years ago

    She writes on glass then mirrors the video

    • Lola Moon 4 years ago

      Yup lol

  • Cian Gargan 4 years ago

    I’m guessing how she writes backwards is that she doesn’t. She writes normally and flips it to a mirror image when they’re editing.

  • Taj Mahal Badalandabad 4 years ago

    I Like You 😍

    • WolfangOPGaming 3 years ago

      i hate you

  • Kishore Subramani 4 years ago

    Nancy when is your birthday ?

  • Kishore Subramani 4 years ago

    Nancy what do you do other than making math videos for YT i mean your profession ?

  • Kishore Subramani 4 years ago

    #teach vector algebra please

  • AT3 4 years ago

    How can somebody soo beautiful be soo smart. You got it all gurl.

  • Saint Christopher 4 years ago

    NancyMagic videos btw.what about more basics for middle /high school

  • Saint Christopher 4 years ago

    special favourcan you prove 1/n diverges n ->infinity(you gather terms and prove that the groups are greater than another div. series )Ta!Chris

  • Christopher Mclennan 4 years ago

    Is it possible to write the formula for the area of a circle as a combination of identities, do an algebraic rewrite to get a function of two variables diameter and circumference then use integration to get back to the area formula? I was thinking maybe chain rule or quotient rule I don’t know but I thought it was an interesting problem I wanted to get a mathematicians perspective the math tutors at my school won’t answer this question.

  • Christopher Mclennan 4 years ago

    What I meant was how does one go about deriving the formula for the area of a circle by using integration? My mistake was, starting with the area of a circle formula and solving with integration discretely instead of using the standard equation of a circle and working through the problem that way.

  • Faizal Z 4 years ago

    Nancy love ur nerdy jokes. Thanks for ur uploads. Entertaining AF.

  • Faizal Z 4 years ago

    I was wondering if you can show how to apply calculus in real life? I know its really powerful and awesome, but i just cant wrap my head around how they choose what function for what. Does my question make any sense?

  • Elisha Gunasekara 4 years ago

    I think she is using a mirror to write backwards (the video in mirror is being recorded as opposed to the board).

  • Juan Labuschagne 4 years ago

    Please explain some general proofs like Mean value Theorem

  • toreontrack 4 years ago

    What did you study at MIT? (I guess you say majors(?) in the states)

  • toreontrack 4 years ago

    If not only living off youtube, what other job do you have?

  • toreontrack 4 years ago

    If you can’t figure out how she “writes backward” by yourselves then you should probably stop wasting your time watching maths videos.

  • TALHA ABDULLAH 4 years ago

    yeah Nancy I have a question how does one get passionate about math

  • ChairilChairil Anwar Esa 4 years ago

    This isn’t a math related question but do you cook or eat outside?

  • slyowusu99 4 years ago

    Hello Nancy. Hello all. Help. I want to start/return to maths as a hobby – say spend about 1.5 hrs a day for the next few years. The aim is to self teach and practice and improve my knowledge from basic maths knowledge to post graduate level maths. So therefore 2 questions. 1. Is this possible with determination. And. 2. What order of maths methods would you recommend I follow that would form a natural progression? Say algebra to derivatives to … etc. Thanks

  • Mike Zappara 4 years ago

    I came for the math… I stayed for the mutual love of pasta 🍝

  • reda abakhti 4 years ago

    I m also watching this for asmr

  • Willy Gómez 4 years ago

    I just discovered your channel and haven’t yet watched most of your videos, but you kind of strike me as the type of person that’s naturally good at explaining science to the general public. I think you should consider doing videos where you explain the surprising applications of math in the real world (if you’ve seen Hanna Fry’s videos/talks, you know what I mean)

  • Mohammad Kandakji 4 years ago

    What happened to mathbff channel?

  • Jacob Jordan 4 years ago

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  • MathORTIZ 4 years ago

    2:40. I did my friends homework, I just charged them. Math killed them in college but hey I got the extra practice and got paid. HA!

    • l0n3w01f 4 years ago

      in my college days, I was taking my calculus final and my friend was across from me. I finished the test pretty fast. My friend looked at me with that “i have no idea how to do any of these problems help me” so when the teacher walked out he passed me he’s test and I did it for him. I didn’t care, we where engineering majors, I figured he would just drop out later (he did).

  • lord leoo 4 years ago

    How does she write backwards?

    she has a transparent glass in front of her. she writes on it normally. the camera is behind the glass board. the camera sees the writing from behind. if you see the original video directly recorded from the camera, the writing would be mirrored, the writing would go from right to left. after she records everything, she takes it to a computer, and a software mirrors the video. so the image you see of her now in the video, is not what you’d see if she was in front of you in real life. but this is a mirrored image of her. notice in the other videos that she’s writing with her left hand in the video. in reality, she’s just right handed. in the other videos, her hair style, the splitting line in her hair is on the left. usually when people are standing in front of you in real life, the hair line split is on your right side (left side of the person with the hair). in this Q&A video her hair split line is on the right side. the videos are obviously edited, cuz she does that “fast forward” effect, and there are some cuts in the video. i’m amazed how people keep asking the same question.

  • Tis'ur"Master'" 4 years ago

    I can do everything except for translation English to algebra. I hate english.

  • Tis'ur"Master'" 4 years ago

    she’s not really writing backward.

  • Tis'ur"Master'" 4 years ago

    I don’t understand why 1+1 is 2 instead of 11.

  • Skeptoptimist 4 years ago

    To get the writing right, just create a video mirror image of the writing (sorry for giving away the “secret” lol) One doesn’t notice Nancy being a mirror image (apart that she is not left handed), but makes a pleasant difference to the writing. (notice that Nancy is right handed on this video, but left handed when writing on the glass screen)

  • Aerie Kah 4 years ago

    Hello NancyPi, I love your videos! I actually took a lot of math classes in college and am not watching for homework help – but because I am a nerd …. and it is relaxing watching someone do math. Lol. It is a way to kinda remember it after college and learn new tricks I didn’t know before.

    I would love if you did differential equations, partial differential equations, differential geometry, etc. The higher, even more fun math. <3 Those are the most interesting classes. I know less people are wanting to watch those compared to those people wanting trig and basic calc help "just to get through school" but I would love to watch higher math if you ever had time to make those videos as well!

    Also - you casually mentioned your interest in math and comp sci - what did you actually get a formal degree in? What level degree did you get? I wanted to go to MIT back in the day but couldn't afford it. PROPS Girl! 🙂 Keep up the great videos.

  • Nate Private 4 years ago

    My heart started to beat again, Thank you!

  • Matthew Harrison 4 years ago

    Just wanted to say that your work is really easy to understand,thankyou for that,i even figured out how you write backwards. Anyways,my question would be: Would you ever go into more detail for each year for students?

  • Joe Blainey 4 years ago

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    • WolfangOPGaming 3 years ago

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  • Kieren Van Der Haar 4 years ago

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  • Farshid Ashouri 4 years ago

    It’s obvious, the picture is mirrored. Look at her hair line.

  • Jaman87 ultra 4 years ago

    Dear Nancy- I have struggled with math at times through my life. A good teacher can make a world of difference to a student beyond the subject. My math tutor set me on the road to a better future, and I am grateful for him every day.

  • sanjeev thakur 4 years ago

    If you want to know how she writes backwards.She writes forward and after the video she flips it

  • sanjeev thakur 4 years ago

    And I am a nerd so uhh…u ain’t puttin me to sleep

  • WolfReaper 4 years ago

    Can you make videos about Boundary problems if you haven’t done so already? Distinct Real Roots. Equal Real Roots. Complex Conjugate Roots. Thanks! You’re incredible at explaining math. I tell everyone about your videos.

  • Roxette Rojas 4 years ago

    Hello, Nancy! I am an incoming freshman in college, pursuing engineering. Ever since I was in middle school up to high school, I was already the “mathematician” or like the “math wizard” of the whole class. You just made me like math more.

    I really appreciate all your videos, especially those of calculus 💖 really needed it. Can you make a video that has, like umm practice problems or applications of limits, derivatives and integrals? And then a solution after a few moments? It would really be of great help. If not, it’s fine. I still idolize and salute you! 💕

  • Paul 4 years ago

    You could be an actress or model you’re so smart and beautiful. Awesome teacher ☺️

  • Jaydon NTI 4 years ago

    She just changes the camera to make the words from back

  • John navneeth Raj 4 years ago

    Just when I am about point out your backward writing on another of your videos, here you are having a QnA and first question Boom ! 😄

  • Patrick Welch 4 years ago

    I am a dirty old man.

  • JP Backflip 4 years ago

    After watching so many of your videos, I watched this and for some reason you looked slightly different to me, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Then i realized it’s because all your regular math videos are mirrored… so this is the first time i saw the true you, so to speak 😀

  • Bardiya Bej 4 years ago

    Hey, Nancy can you please teach GCSE and A-level maths on your channel. Please help student who either taking GCSE or A-level maths exams, if you live in the UK

  • Charlie Hand 4 years ago

    Hint about Nancy writing backwards: She’s right-handed.

    • Sherzod Nurullayev 3 years ago

      @Mr Gardner’s Primary Education Video is actually sequence of images. So, they record a video and perform “horizontal image flipping” on every single image 🙂

    • Mr Gardner's Primary Education 3 years ago

      Sherzod Nurullayev so no glass is involved?

    • Sherzod Nurullayev 3 years ago

      @Mr Gardner’s Primary Education There is both. First she wrote on glass, and then they used “horizontal image flipping” 🙂

    • KRISH CLASSROOM 3 years ago

      It’s a lightboard and she is flipping the video during editing

    • motu moht 3 years ago

      Common guys no need for hints it’s called a lighthouse studio.she is not the only one doing it

  • Petrus Prinsloo 4 years ago

    I love in South Africa, so a bit far away. Also, I do like pasta, no you can’t have any.

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      link 3 :

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