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MIT grad introduces logs and shows how to evaluate them. To skip ahead: 1) For how to understand and evaluate BASIC LOGS, skip to time 0:52. 2) For how to evaluate weirder logs, including the log of 0, 1, a FRACTION, or a NEGATIVE number, skip to time 6:44. 3) For NATURAL LOGS (LN X), skip to time 11:17. 4) For even weirder logs, including SOLVING for X and using the CHANGE-OF-BASE formula, skip to time 14:56. Nancy formerly of MathBFF explains the steps.

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1) BASIC LOGS: you can read log notation as "log, base 3, of 9 equals X". The small (subscript) number is called the base. You can always evaluate a log expression by rearranging it into something called exponential form. Every log expression is connected to an exponential expression. In this example, the log is connected to the exponential form "3 to the X power equals 9". This means, "3 raised to what power gives you 9?" Since 3 raised to the power of 2 equals 9, the answer for X is 2. This is also the answer for the value of the log expression. The log is always equal to the power (or exponent) in the exponential version, and in this case it equals 2. If you want, you can find the log value in your head just by asking yourself what power you need in order to turn the base number into the middle number ("argument" number). Note: if there is no base number in the log expression (no little subscript number), then the base is 10, since 10 is the default base.

2) WEIRDER LOGS (log of 0, 1, a negative number, or a fraction): you can use the same steps to rearrange log expressions that have a fraction, negative number, 0, or 1 in them. You can still rearrange them to be in exponential form just like you can with the basic logs from earlier. The log of 1 will always be 0, since 0 is the only power that can turn a base into 1. The log of 0 will always be undefined, since no power can turn a base into 0. The log of a negative number is undefined in the real number system, since no real power can turn a positive base into a negative number.

3) NATURAL LOGS (ln x): the natural log is just a special type of log where the base is e (the special math constant e, which is approximately 2.718 if you plug it into your calculator). You can use the same steps for rearranging the log expression into exponential form. Just remember that ln x means log, base e.

4) EVEN WEIRDER LOGS (solving for X, change-of-base formula): even if there is an X variable in the log part of an equation, you can still rearrange the equation into exponential form. This will let you solve for X. Sometimes you might need to use the change-of-base formula to evaluate a log expression. If there is no whole number power you know that works, it may actually be a decimal power that you can find by using the change-of-base formula. For example, you can re-write log, base 2, of 7 as (log 7)/(log 2) and use your calculator to find the decimal number if you need it.

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      To calculate the pH of an aqueous solution you need to know the concentration of the hydronium ion in moles per liter (molarity).  The pH is then calculated using the expression:

      pH = – log [H3O+].

      Example:  Find the pH of a 0.0025 M HCl solution.  The HCl is a strong acid and is 100% ionized in water.  The hydronium ion concentration is 0.0025 M.  Thus:

      pH  =  – log (0.0025) = – ( – 2.60) = 2.60

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    So if you have log_3(9) = x, you raise 3 to the power of each side of the equation –> 3 ^ (log_3(9)) = 3^x, then because 3^(log_3(whatever)) cancels, this becomes 9 = 3^x.

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    with plenty of space between the log3 and 9, then just pop in an eXponent (on the same level as the 9) and equals sign between the log3 and 9, then cross out the log. yielding:

    —3^x = 9

    because the 3 is a subscript in the first place, writing a normal x next to it, then crossing out the log makes it look like a normal exponent. and this way you only write the thing once, leaving less drama all over the page to get confused by.

    • Mick , yet another one 4 years ago


      you should have started the whole topic of logarithms off by explaining how powers work:

      3^4 = 1 *3 *3 *3 *3 ; start with one and multiply it by the base exponent times
      3^0 = 1 ; start with one and do nothing, because the exponent is zero, so multiplying one by the base zero times yields one
      3^-4 = 1 /3 /3 /3 /3 ; start with one and repeatedly divide by the base because division is the opposite/negative of multiplication

      afaict, absolutely nobody teaches powers this way, but it is correct and makes everything clear in just 3 lines of notes. and now you don’t have to randomly memorize that a power of zero yields one, or a negative exponent yields fractions, because all of the parts have a meaning and those meanings all contribute and make perfect sense.

      you might notice that this has a few broader implications, too. for one it means that the correct way to count is to start at zero, and in practice this pans out, because before you can start listing off numbers you must arrange the stuff you’re counting with a starting place, the edge of that starting place which you will use as reference to count from is zero. additionally, zero is where coordinate systems propagate from, and where operations like division (iterative subtraction) and integration terminate.

      this also implies that every number to the zero power is one, because it is now the definition of how exponents work. this means that mathematicians who view 0^0 as undefinable are wrong. and when you look at why they believe it to be undefinable the reasoning is faulty anyway, even if they were correct, because they’re looking at a discontinuity around 0^0 as evidence that it can’t exist. but it’s trivial to make such discontinuities that can be evaluated, so that’s not actually evidence of anything. it’s essentially like arguing that you can’t get inside your home because you can’t get into it from every single direction, which is clearly absurd.

      this account of powers also aligns with a thorough treatment of n-dimensional volumes. here all you can say about 0-space objects (points) is whether they exist (1) or not (0). in 1-space you can measure length (1 *x). in 2-space you can measure area (1 *x *y), but since all shapes can be bounded by a rectangle they’ll each have their own shape constant (which are values between 1 and 0, since some of the points in the bounding rectangle exist, while others do not), like 1/2 for triangles (1/2 *x *y), or pi/4 for ellipses (pi/4 *x *y). in 3-space you can measure volume (1 *x *y *z), and again all shapes can be bounded by rectangular prisms, and so have their own shape constant, like 1/3 for pyramids (1/3 *x *y *z), or combinatorial shape constants, like for a cone (1/3 * pi/4 *x *y *z), or a sphere (2/3 * pi/4 *x *y *z).

      you’ll probably notice that I’m using pi/4 rather than pi as the fundamental circle constant. this is also for deep reasons, only one of which is that it exists between 1 and 0, which is required for shape constants. for one, it’s the angle around which the trigonometric functions reflect, so that the prefix ‘co-‘ effectively means ‘reflected across pi/4’, so that cosine = sine reflected across pi/4, cotangent = tangent reflected across pi/4, cosecant = secant reflected across pi/4. it also relates both area and perimeter length to a straight line length on circles, which is insane. further, the traditional equation for finding the area of a circle, a = pi * r^2, follows a paradoxical philosophy because if you applied the same method of finding area to a square (the fundamental unit of area) then it would be impossible to find the area of that square as you would fall into an infinite regress, as taking the area of a square would require finding the area of a square 1/4 the size, which then requires finding the area of a square 1/4 of its size, ad infinitvm. using a = pi/4 * d^2 avoids this paradox, being a method that extends unproblematically to all shapes. additionally, all of the other proposed fundamental circle constants, pi/2, pi and tau (2 * pi), are power of 2 harmonics of pi/4, or more importantly, they’re the multiples of pi/4 which align with axes of symmetry on a square, pi/4 representing a 1/8 right triangle, pi/2 representing a 1/4 subsquare, pi representing a 1/2 rectangle, and tau representing the entire square. these are precisely the lines of symmetry on which the ellipse/circle constant pi/4 relates both area and perimeter length, and thus all of the previously proposed fundamental circle constants are simultaneously correct and incorrect, because they inherent most, but not all, of the properties of pi/4.

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    First time that I can watch, you look beautiful and very clear in the topic, Hi from Colombia.

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    According to NASA, boys watching this video aren’t able to concentrate.
    Research still on. 🙂

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    Logarithim Natural