Learn Spanish Verbs: Present, past, and future of SER, ESTAR, TENER, IR

Published on March 23, 2019 by

Get ready to master 4 Spanish verbs in 3 tenses. Learn the verbs “to be” -- “ser” or “estar”, “to have” -- “tener”, “to go” -- “ir” in past, pretérito, presente, and futuro. They are very important and it is urgent you memorize them. I am going to teach these Spanish verbs and tenses to you, and make you memorize them. I am going to teach you the Spanish preterit (or past simple), present, and future of four verbs you need to master in Spanish. If you don’t know these Spanish verbs in past, present, and future, I am sorry to tell you, but have you have lost your Spanish cause. If you don’t know how to conjugate these verbs, there is no future for your Spanish. Everything you say will be wrong. Why? First, because you will end up always speaking in present, which makes a poor conversation, and speaking in first person, which makes your Spanish awfully limited. Your Spanish will be so narrow when you speak that you will face some skin redness and goosebumps. Besides the fact that you will be biting your nails when you are speaking Spanish, which becomes really dangerous in Latin America because then you will get sick to your stomach. This is why it is my duty to change your Spanish, shake your Spanish, to move it upside-down with with only one objective in mind: make you speak Spanish better while making you feel confident with your Spanish. Watch my video. It would seem to be a long video, but I tell you, you will learn these Spanish verbs and tenses.

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