Learn Spanish in 30 minutes: The 100 Spanish phrases you need to know!

Published on June 23, 2019 by

You will learn Spanish with this video! In this lesson, you will learn Spanish phrases and questions that are used every single day. You will learn the common ways to greet, to wish people, to state your opinion, to talk about time, actions, plans, regrets, to talk about yourself and others, and much more. This lesson will improve your Spanish, it will help you to say everything just like a native Spanish speaker does, to understand Spanish more and better, to improve your Spanish pronunciation, your Spanish listening skills, and to amplify your Spanish vocabulary. I have crafted many Spanish lessons for you about many topics, from the basics to the advanced. We have covered the Spanish basics such as the Spanish alphabet, numbers, important Spanish verbs, tenses and conjugations, vocabulary for different fields in Spanish, and many important topics related to the Spanish grammar. With this video you will learn to speak Spanish instantly. You will learn important Spanish stuff that is used all the time, day and night, at home or at work, with adults or children, by all native Spanish speakers. You will do this by listening, repeating, and memorizing practical and useful phrases, questions, and words that will come in handy in many contexts, and that I have carefully selected to make a difference in your Spanish.

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If you want to keep learning handy words, questions, and phrases in Spanish, watch my playlist:

But before you watch, you need to encourage yourself and need the magic words.
I will learn Spanish, voy a aprender espaƱol.
I will learn Spanish, voy a aprender espaƱol.
I will learn Spanish with Ana, voy a aprender espaƱol con Ana.
I will learn Spanish with Ana, voy a aprender espaƱol con Ana.
Ana will hold my hand and take me to MĆ©xico and teach me to speak to people, and not be afraid of speaking the language of love, Spanish. Not French! French whateverā€¦ just to show off.



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