Learn ALL the Basics in Spanish: Spanish Level 1

Published on December 1, 2019 by

This video will help if you are starting or if you are ahead in your Spanish. Why? Well, because if you are a beginner, it teaches you the Spanish basics with the correct pronunciation of the words, phrases and verbs, and it teaches the correct context to use this Spanish. If you are at a more intermediate level, this video will help you to review your fundamentals and make sure you have them in good shape. Moreover, you will very likely learn one, two, or many more new things that you did not know yesterday. If you are a more advanced Spanish student, and like to show it off, this video will show you some mistakes many advanced students make so you make sure you are not making these horrible mistakes. And, even moreā€¦ even if you think this video is too easy for you, you will see that it is not because even covering the basics it will teach you nuances of the language, and cultural information so you will have by far the very best command of the language. Watch this video to learn Spanish and have some fun. Remember that to keep the wall strong, you need the bricks in the base to be firm, and well positioned, so here are my bricks. Use them!

Remember that I have many other Spanish video lessons for you to learn Spanish. Here I am sending you the link for a playlist that contains all the stuff you need in the first level and to be able to go to the next, second and third levels in Spanish:

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Gracias and do not forget that topics such as Spanish alphabet, Spanish sounds and pronunciation, Spanish vocabulary, Spanish verbs, and Spanish tenses like past vs imperfect in Spanish, and more complicated Spanish topics like direct and indirect objects in Spanish can be found at Butterfly Spanish. Browse my channel and see what you need to learn. I make my videos with love, care, and knowledge, and my goal is that what you did not know yesterday you know today, that what you thought was complicated, is not, and that you know much more Spanish today after watching my videos, and that they make you feel more confident and positive:


Welcome to Spanish language. Here with Ana at Butterfly Spanish your Spanish begins, goes by, enjoys the view, and reaches its goal.

Saludos, Ana



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