How to Find the Inverse of a Function (NancyPi)

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MIT grad shows how to find the inverse function of any function, if it exists. The inverse function is the reverse of your original function. It undoes whatever your function did. If your function takes x and gives you y, then the inverse function takes that y and gives you back x. Nancy formerly of MathBFF explains the steps.

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How to find inverse functions: There are three steps to finding the inverse function, if it exists. The first step is to replace the f(x) with just the variable y. Second, swap the x and y variables everywhere they appear in the equation. Third, solve for y again so that you have just "y=" on one side of the equation. If this relation is a function, you can then replace the y with the "f inverse x" notation, or f^-1(x). To know if it is a function, use the Vertical Line Test or consider the form of the equation. Remember that in a function equation, for every x you input into the equation, there can only be one corresponding y value. For an example problem, jump to 00:43 in the video.

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  • Amour Learning 4 years ago

    Hey NancyPi! Thank you for making awesome math videos. This one about inverse functions really made sense. Your channel has inspired me to make my own youtube math tutorials to help students. Keep up the great work!

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    Have you ever done a video on the precise definition of a limit?

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      You are a wise person to seek knowledge from a truly gifted teacher. We wish you the very best in your mathematical studies!
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  • Ricardo Mazeto 4 years ago

    I have two questions. 1 – What if the function is something different than x+2/x? 2 – Couldn’t the function have two solutions like the quadratic equation?

    • Romee Cadiz 4 years ago

      Ricardo Mazeto to find the inverse of any function you just switch x and y then solve for x

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  • Nemo Clanc 4 years ago

    When a function isn’t one, when there are multiple y values for one x value, then why is sqrt(x) even a function? For x=4 I’ve got y=2; -2.

    • JumpingBamboo 4 years ago

      sqrt(x) is understood to be the principal square root. That is, only the positive square root. y=+-sqrt(x) is not a function to begin with so that’s a non-issue.

      What you’re mixing up is solving for x in a radical equation. It is true that if x^2=4 that x=2 or x=-2.

    • JumpingBamboo 4 years ago

      Also, sqrt(x) is never negative in the real number system. You wrote that sqrt(4)=2 or sqrt(4)=-2, in which the latter is not true.

    • Veritas et Aequitas 3 years ago

      Correct. A calculator only chooses to use the positive version of the rule. You can ONLY discard it if the logic or other math makes it impossible to happen, e.g. negative apples in a story problem. In much math, you also need to track the other possible solution, representing the minus sign as sqrt(-1) by writing “i”.

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    Thanks for teaching me how to find the inverse function of any function.

  • Uğur Ali Kaplan 4 years ago

    Thanks for the video. One example of why we would need inverse functions is security. There are two way to hide what you wrote, one is using an encryption function and another is using an hashing function.

    Encryption functions have inverses, so a cryptic mail sent by you can be decrypted using a decryption function. This decryption function is the inverse of the encryption function used by the original sender.

    Hashing functions on the other hand, have no inverse functions and therefore more secure. The thing is, receiver of the mail can’t decrypt your mail so it doesn’t make sense to use it in that context. One useful area it is used is password databases. For example, when you sign up for Youtube, your password will be hashed. So “hunter2”, your password will result in a text like “6y3478twed” etc. Now, when an attacker gets the database, s/he has no way to access your account. Because if attacker were to type “6y3478twed”, it will be hashed again and when compared to hashed password in the database, it will be different. Since there is no inverse function, attacker can’t get the original text neither.

    There is only one way to access your account then. If, as an attacker I have hashed versions of the common passwords, I can search for the passwords I know in the database. So, use uncommon passwords.

    • Kishore Subramani 4 years ago

      Yes this is a good example for application of inverse function

    • Veritas et Aequitas 3 years ago

      This by simple and fairly obvious application is also how passwords are “brute force” hacked: the attacker hashes the passwords see if one of them matches. Instead of a dictionary, there are programs that trivialize generating them procedurally, 11111, 11112, 11113, etc., Or by combining dictionary terms or symbol sets. If this is confusing, think of default router passwords like “StrongNest735”. Those are just 2 words from word lists and a random number, adjective+noun+###. Yes, this is how weak router passwords are. If you have their word lists or can find adj. And noun lists online, it becomes almost trivial.

      The solution? Nonstandard passwords and LONG ones. As computing is faster, especially hashing on graphics cards being exponentially faster than a CPU, the “r@nd0mP@$$w0rD” method becomes trivial if it’s short. The best password? Something very long is now key.

      Except with the advent of quantum computing, if you’re a high enough target for someone to use one, it can be broken almost instantly regardless of length. Have fun knowing that the government can do this and has actually forced RSA to build in a flaw to their “trusted” encryption that allows the gov to break any RSA they want trivially without quantum computing.

      Yup. RSA themselves even warned against using their own encryption for this reason. Of course they were under NDA so the “government” portion was tongue-in-cheek, but it’s easy to catch their hint.

    • Avishek Bhattacharya 3 years ago

      Well, the concept of inverse functions are also applied when developing predictive models of real world problems, like highly non-linear (read as complex) systems of manufacturing defects, organ failure in a human body, or even shut-downs in a processing plant, to name a few…..Long story short, we talk about inverse functions in situations wherein we have a prescribed/known effect, and we’re then required to figure out precisely what are the root-causes (and by how much). Such systems are typically characterised by a known cause-effect relationship – but only based on empirical data. Some of us might be familiar with Reverse Mapping features of Artificial Neural Networks, just to give an example where this concept is applied.

    • Seth Ellis 3 years ago

      In addition to encryption and coding, when we see an effect and make a conjecture about possible causes we do “inverse thinking.” Our justice system depend on it. Companies regularly reverse engineer products which is inverse thinking. In math we constantly deconstruct in order to understand new topics. As a math teacher, I believe learning inverse functions help us understand cause and effect relationships and how functions work. It’s part of logic just as analysis and synthesis have a hand in hand relationship in thinking. The question Nancy brings ups is pertinent, should we teach this kind of algorithm in algebra class? We should always teach thinking with every topic, but is this topic really necessary? Maybe it will help with solving equations using inverse matrices later? Maybe it helps us consider how plus or minus root x is similar to x²? It is a least interesting and noteworthy that inverse functions have a reflection relationship across the y=x line that’s what I emphasize in these lessons. I have them graph with technology to visually check their work.

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    How does the original function’s limitation (x cannot equal zero) limit the usage of the inverse function?

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    how do you know what direction the lines are going on the graph ?

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      They go in both the directions

    • Veritas et Aequitas 3 years ago

      Memorizing the general shape of each type of function (squared, div, sine, etc.), Then choosing points for each term in the equation, defining the intervals where the lines cross or.touch the graph (odd vs even powers), choosing a test value for each interval, and then testing in a table whether it goes above or below the x axis… You may not be able to draw it to scale, but you can draw the general shape, when it crosses positive/negative, etc.

      Or graphing on a calculator, computer, or experimentally by choosing values of X and plotting them by solving the equation for each.
      That is how graphing is done on a calculator/computer too. Each pixel on the screen is a calculation of the function with an x value.

  • Anirudh 4 years ago

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      Yes, and during the solving she had x replaced with y, so at that time it would have read y≠0. She then changes it to f-¹(x). Be careful to keep track of what ends up where after moving things around and renaming them. This is a good reason to perhaps not rename them.

      If anyone wonders what happens at zero, that’s the vertical asymptote, where y (the value of the function based on the input x) becomes “unbounded”, going toward** (not to) infinity or -infinity, never quite reaching it. That is a “limit”..

      Very close to the point where several concepts of graphs, trig, and calculus finally come together…. Before going down a dozen other rabbit holes, lol.

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