How to do Long Division with Polynomials (NancyPi)

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MIT grad explains how to do long division with polynomials. Here I show clear steps to divide two polynomials using long division. I give two examples, one basic example as an introduction to the steps, and one more advanced example. Nancy formerly of MathBFF explains the steps.

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The steps for long division of polynomials are the same as for long division of numbers and can be summarized as:

1) Find how many times the first term of your divisor (on the left) goes into the first term of your dividend (on the right).
2) Write that number (or "x" expression) on the top line above your dividend, aligned vertically with the term it's most similar to (like term).
3) Multiply that number (or "x" expression) by each term in your divisor (on the left) and write that result on the line directly below your dividend.
4) Subtract the second line from the first line and write your result below.
5) Drop down another term from your dividend into your bottom line.
6) Find how many times the first term of your divisor goes into the first term of your bottom line and write that result on your top line above the dividend, aligned vertically with the term like it.
7) Repeat steps #3-6 until the first term of your divisor cannot go into the first term of your bottom line result anymore. This bottom line expression is your remainder.
8) Your answer is your top line result plus your remainder over the divisor.

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