How to Do an Eye Jab | Self-Defense

Published on June 17, 2013 by

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Okay, so now we're going to speak about how to do an Eye Jab in a self defense scenario. In the past, boxers used to do this move, it was dirty boxing, when they would go directly and they would move their thumb for a little bit to the side and they would touch the eye and it's so subtle that people cannot see it from outside. Okay?

But the way you normally do that, normally I would advise you not to put your thumb when you close to the side this way because you could hurt yourself very very badly. Okay? So, in this case you are allowed to do that because you're going to hit the eye and you must be careful because if you don't hit his eye or her eye, you are probably going to hit yourself more, Okay. So be careful, the way you train that, very easy, very slow in the beginning, move the target and target her face in the beginning, not the eye, just her face, her cheeks. Okay? Just press a little bit. Okay? Press a little, so try to do it with that hand, exactly, press a little bit, nice.

You need to feel the pressure otherwise you don't know if it's working properly. Okay, the way you know it's working properly is when you feel the pressure. So, do it again, boom, again boom, one more time boom. And it's very very efficient Okay. So the ways you can do that, imagine the real scenario, she's going to punch us and I'm going to deflect or re direct the punch and I'm going to do it, Okay. In this case, if she's punching me with that way, I will re direct and I will use this punch. So again, very slow like this. Okay? One, two Okay?

And that's how you do the eye jab.



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