How to Do a Chin Jab | Self-Defense

Published on June 16, 2013 by

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So now we're going to speak about how to attack someone in the chin by using a jab.

The chin jab is a very easy punch, Okay. It is one of the simplest ones and what you have to do in the beginning is to focus on how to close your fist, that's very important again, open you palm. Close your fist and then don't forget to put your thumb not below, not to the front, but to the side, very very important.

So, the jab is a quick punch from the front hand, Okay. It's very important not to cross, the cross is with a forward hand, Okay. So you have like the, front hand, this is the one that we're going to use, and we're going to start by just pushing the person's shoulder, this is a way that we normally train. Okay? Just by pushing that way, Okay. That way, safer than the chin. Okay? So di it a couple of times, exactly, nice, nice, nice.

So, what situation would we use like, that's the good thing about the chin jab, like you use it all the time. If she grabs you, for example, boom, I can punch very easy, if she punches me and I redirect, I can punch here back and even if she doesn't punch me, she's so threat to me, I can easily punch her. Okay, it's very very efficient, you just have to go straight and come back.

Very important, go straight and come back. Okay? Don't try to move your shoulder first, just move it from here directly to the target. In this case, the shin, Okay. And again, you imagine it as you were doing with the shoulder that you have to push too, not only hit him but pushing a little bit. Okay?

And that's how you do a chin jab.



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