How to Calculate Oxidation Numbers Introduction

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We'll learn how to determine the oxidation numbers or oxidation states for a the elements in a chemical compound. The oxidation numbers tell us how electrons are divided up or shared between atoms in a chemical compound. The oxidation numbers also tell us how electrons move in an oxidation reduction (redox) reaction. There are a set a rules that we use to determine oxidation number. Group 1A elements (alkalai metals) always have an oxidation of +1. Group 2A elements (alkaline earth metals) always have an oxidation number of +2. Elements on their own have an oxidation number of 0, and monatomic ions have an oxidation number that is equal to the ionic charge.

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    thank you so much these rules and the way you explain is amazing i usally dont struggle with chemistry but this got me but you helped me understand it more and find a way to make it fun!

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    Great teacher! Really I’m impressed of that you keep smiling while teaching. This shows that you really love what you teach. BEST!!!
    I have a Q: How can we solve this:
    Dioxygen monofluoride


    I hope you can answer my Q a.s.a.p

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    Can anybody please tell me in which class is this taught in india cbse board??🙏🙏

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  • Jim Henry 3 years ago

    I need to determine oxidizing levels for Tungsten metal at 5800 F?

    Do you have a formula?

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    Studying for a test tmr at 8:30pm because my other teachers give me so much hw 😑

  • Kai Don’t Care 3 years ago

    Its important to know that Oxygen is usually negative 1 except when it has the highest electronegativity in the compound.

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    10 minute video teaches me better than my prof

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  • Manosh Al.abadi 3 years ago

    How do you know if it have a charge or not… How do know that it is neutral???

    • ibraaheem k. hinkston 3 years ago

      If the compound or element does not have a superscript then it is neutral.But if It does then whatever number is on the superscript is it’s charge(eg:-1,-2 or +1,+2).

  • Maria Rodriguez 3 years ago

    Why does chemistry contradicts itself so much? This is why I get confuse so easily.

    • Ryan W 3 years ago

      What exactly is contradictory? A big issue is a lot of topics are a lot more complex than we can teach early students, so some generalisations have to be made.

  • dr.paddlesmack 3 years ago

    please tell how to find ox. number for [Cu(NH3)4]2+

    • Ryan W 3 years ago

      There’s three different atoms there and you haven’t specified which one, each atom has an oxidation number.

      You should recognise NH3 as being ammonia which is a neutral molecule, you can easily work out the ON of N and H using the rules in this video.
      And since NH3 is neutral, then Cu’s ON is equal to the charge.

  • C.C. 3 years ago

    What is the O.S. of S2O3²– and S4O6²–?

    • Ryan W 3 years ago

      There’s two different types of sulfur atom in both of those so we can’t simply calculate it (well we can, it’s just not useful)

      In S2O32- it’s like sulfate with 1 O replaced by an S. The central S has an ON of +6, the terminal one has an ON of -2
      In S4O62- it’s even more complicated. The two central S bonded to 2 other S have an ON of 0 by definition. The two S surrounded by 3 O have an ON of +5

      You shouldn’t be asked to calculate those without the structure of it.

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    My equation: 2Fe2O3 + 3C > 4Fe + CO2

    • ChemSimplified 2 years ago

      When you have the element all by itself, without any charge, that makes it a free element. In your example, they are Fe and C.

      If you have an ion that consists of only 1 atom, that’s monoatomic ion. For example, Fe^2+ or N^3-.

      Answering your question on oxidation number,
      Fe2O3 –> Fe, Fe’s ox # goes from +3 to O, making this a half-red eq
      C –> CO2, C’s ox # goes from 0 to +4, making this a half-ox eq

      In a redox eq, you can have elements with unchanged ox #, however, there should be one element with increasing ox # and another element with reducing ox #.

      Hope this helps.

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