How to Attack with Your Knees | Self-Defense

Published on June 21, 2013 by

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So now, we're going to talk about how to attack someone by using you knee, Okay?

First of all I want to explain to you the distance that you have to have. Again, if you're here and if you have this distance, I'm not close enough to use my knees, so this is very very important to feel and to see the right position and the right distance, Okay?

So, just practice for a couple of seconds, Okay, I reach Okay, so that's a proper distance. Now, the way we normally attack a knee by using our knee, we will use our knee by just stepping forward. Imagine that you are going to give a big step through her leg. So her leg is like, imagine that it's not there, so I'm going to just step, Okay? I'm going to do it again, just going to step, Okay? Just pushing a little bit as if you were literally given a big step, Okay? That's the best way that you can approach the knee, Okay?

And you can use the front, you can attack the front and get in that motion or you can also use the side, if you pull yourself on the side, you can actually use this side to attack this side of the leg, boom. I would use the same idea, the same concept, the big step, boom, like that, it's more effective than just hitting, Okay? And you can use the inside too, put one foot in the front, exactly, by doing the same thing, keep in mind that, very very important, the big step, Okay? Boom, just like that, Okay? And again, boom, just like that, Okay?

Situations where you can use that? Imagine that I'm grabbing her, Okay? So she can literally reach, nice, do it again, nice, do it again, nice. She can reach the front of my knee, that's the best position where you can hit where someone is in front of you but if you move that person, Okay, I'm grabbing her and if she moves me to the side, move me to the side, exactly, now she can knee me to the side, exactly, nice or even to the front, nice, knee to the side again, Okay, again, nice.

So what happens, lets come back here, what happens if she moves me to the other side? Let's say that she moves me to that side, move me to that side, exactly. Now, you can knee me that way, nice, nice. So those are the principle targets where you can also use that by kneeing her tummy. It's very simple, just move her neck towards yourself and knee at the same time, it's not one and two, its one move, Okay? One move, try to do it, I'm grabbing you, boom, nice, nice. In reality it would be more like this, boom, that's it, Okay?

So that's how you normally use your knee against an attacker.



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