How to Attack with Your Elbows | Self-Defense

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How to attack using your elbows in a real self-defense situation.

First of all, you need to know the proper distance. If she faces me and I can reach her by using my fists and my hand, I'm not in the right distance. Why? I cannot elbow. So this is always used when you're in a closer distance. Proper ways where you can use that is, for example, when you are moving the target to the side. And we will elbow her. But in this case we're going to use a horizontal elbow. And be careful, try to use one motion only. One and at the same time, a hit. One and at the same time, a hit. So it would more like this, boom. And again, boom, like that. Very easy. So, she's going to try to do it to me. Grab me. Exactly. Move to the side. Exactly. Again. Nice. Again. Nice.

That's one situation when, again, you move the target to the side and you hit them. You can do it, but you should do it in one motion. Don't ever try to do it in two motions. It's going to be, "hey, I'm going to move you and I'm going to probably hit you." So she knows, and she can get ready for that. So what you're going to do is you're going to move and at the same time you're going to elbow. That's regarding situations where you can use that. You can also use that if you grab the person. Okay, boom, she can elbow you. If you grab her this way, boom, the same thing. So those are the situations.

Now, let's focus on how to use the elbow. You can use it two ways. Elbow up, you can use it in more ways but in the beginning it's good to just focus on two basic moves, up and horizontal, Okay? So, the way we train, is by elbowing horizontally and, pay attention, as she is not only hitting by pushing, that's the correct way. So, elbow up. Nice. It's not only hitting, it's pushing.

And that's how you attack someone by using your elbow.



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