How to Attack with a Hammer Punch | Self-Defense

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So now we're going to speak about how to attack with a hammer fist.

There are basically two moves for the hammer fist. So, I'm going to face her, Okay? So you have this angle where you are open and from open position you go to a closed position Okay? It would be 45 degrees down, very important to hit with this side. Why to use a hammer fist?

The first thing is like, when you hit with a regular punch, you're going to probably hit yourself more than you are going to hit the other person. So, that's why you use the side, the hammer fist is safer and it also has more power, way more power because it allows you to go with your whole body while you do that, Okay? So 45 degrees down and what I'm going to use as target is going to be her chin, I'm going to hit her, boom. And I'm going to go all the way down, Okay? She's going to do it to me, Okay? Boom, exactly, 45 degrees down, exactly, use the other one too, boom, nice, do it again, boom, nice. Now, with the target will be more like this, exactly, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice. So this is the open position again, you're going to hammer this person from the open position to the close position, Okay?

So, where can you use that? Very easy, she grabs me, for example, boom, that's it, with the other hand, the same concept, Okay? I can hit her, Okay? Directly and we are talking about the hammer fist by using the open position.

But we also have the closed position which is this one, where it's like a reverse hammer punch. So I will punch this way, the same angle, like 45 degrees down and I can use my whole body, not only the punch, to create this motion, Okay? So, again, with a target, try to lead with that, nice, now with this one again, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice.

So, keep in mind one thing, always target the sides. In this case, I always target the chin. So we can do this or we can do this and again, a real attack will be when she grabs me and I have this hand here, boom, very quick, Okay? And if she grabs me with the other one, exactly the same thing, boom, really quickly, Okay?

So those are two ways of doing the hammer fist, the open and the reverse.



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