How to Attack an Assailant’s Nose | Self-Defense

Published on June 18, 2013 by

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So we're going to talk about how to attack an assailant's nose. It's very important to know that, again, this is a self defense scenario. So keep that in mind if someone is threatening you, or if that person is just insulting you. Don't go for these types of moves, Okay?

So the first thing is how to use your palm against the nose. It's very easy. You have the heel of your palm and you're going to go straight and you're going to push a little bit. Now when we normally practice that, it's first in shoulders, it's very easy, you just push first, boom. Simple as that, boom. Do it to my shoulder. Nice, nice. So, you have to keep that in mind, Okay? It's not only hitting, it's pushing too. So it's hitting and pushing. Nice. So you're going to do the same to the nose. Do it a couple times. One, two, three. Nice.

In what scenarios can you do this? It's very important to know where you can do these type of things. So, obviously when I'm grabbing you one-hand, not if I'm grabbing you two-hands. Otherwise you are not going to be able to perform this one. If I'm grabbing you one-hand, or one shoulder, you can go straight. Nice. Again. Straight. Nice. Straight. Nice.

Another situation where you can do that is when you redirect a punch. So slow, very slow. You redirect a punch, you go straight. So again, 45 degrees, and go again. Okay, in the real situation, it will be more like this. Very quick. Again. Okay. And be careful, especially when you train with a partner, this is very important. Try to do this a couple of times.

And that is how you attack an assailant's nose.



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