GCSE Biology – Homeostasis #38

Published on December 18, 2018 by

How does your body regulate your internal conditions? How does it detect changes and respond to them? What is an automatic control system and how does it use negative feedback?
Find out all this and more in less than 5 minutes!

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  • マライカ 3 years ago

    need to revise topic 5 of bio and this is pretty useful, thanks

    • Cognito 3 years ago

      We’ve just about finished the biology series for combined science now, so all of topic 5 is up!

  • Sohail 3 years ago

    Very good videos❗👍

    • Cognito 3 years ago

      Thanks Sohail! It’s always great to hear someone’s finding them useful 🙂

  • amour sindss 3 years ago

    you are smazing

    • Cognito 3 years ago

      Thanks Cierra! Really happy to hear they’re helping 😀

  • K-W2 3 years ago

    I revise with this Channel

  • Ha Linh To 3 years ago

    you make bio so much easier!

  • Hilo Milo 2 years ago

    2:52 *_AH_*

    • Ofure 2 years ago


    • Bum Bum 2 years ago

      Ofure My mom heard it and oh boy oh boy did it not go good for me

    • Ofure 2 years ago

      @Bum Bum loolllll😭

    • Fantasy Sehun 2 years ago

      It scared the hell out of me

  • epic stupidity 2 years ago

    Ahhhh I love u guys so much u just make it easy for me

    • Cognito 2 years ago

      That’s the plan haha – thank you for your support and good luck for all your work!!

  • yara abdou 2 years ago


  • Caitlin Faye 2 years ago

    i love you almost as much as i love lovely peaches. PERIODT

  • Ela ama Jesus 2 years ago

    Very well explained, thank you so much!!!

  • Capri Sun 2 years ago

    me: ok i need to focus because i have to watch this for elearning science
    also me: hehe the receptor looks like a spoon

  • grace cunningham 2 years ago

    Your videos are so easy to follow and informative. Thank you very much

  • Pro Hacker 01 2 years ago

    Hi I need help in this question I don’t understand can you please help. Explain how the body uses hormones to maintain blood sugar levels

    • koko koko 2 years ago

      When the blood glocose level is high :Hormones (insuline) are secreted by the pancreas, then it goes to the liver where it causes the liver to convert the glucose to glycogen… And the glucose level is brought back to normal.

    • koko koko 2 years ago

      When the glucose level is low the pancreas secreat glucagon which goes to the liver and causes it to convert the stored glycogen to glucose and then I glucose is passes to the blood stream and this is how the blood glucose Is back to normal again

  • Sooriya Vlog 2 years ago

    Me: studying for exam
    YouTube: Elearning time

  • N.U.T 2 years ago

    this video is extremely useful, however Cognito, you’re missing some key info on vasodilation and vasocontriction

    • Cognito 2 years ago

      Hi there, this vid is more of an overview – we cover thermoregulation in this vid 🙂

    • N.U.T 2 years ago

      @Cognito , thanks for actually acknowledging some feedback. Your videos are extremely helpful, no doubt about that. Thank you!

  • Akbar nabi 2 years ago


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