GCSE Biology – DNA Part 1 – Genes and the Genome #48



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  • Adham AHmed 3 years ago

    thank you for this video, i can now understand topic 6 now, i just now need to go over all of it now.
    But could i ask a question?
    So lets say my hand for example, made up of a bunch of skin cells, which all have a nucleus and DNA for protein synthesis. So one skin cell in my body is programmed to create specific chain of amino acids to make a protein, now will my all my skin cells on my hand produce different chains of amino acids or would they all produce the same exact chain of amino acids? or will they produce different amino acids every different cell?

    • Cognito 3 years ago

      Thanks Adham! Basically, all of your skin cells will produce a similar set of proteins. So there will be some proteins that all of them make (by coding for the exact same sequence of amino acids), and other proteins that only some of them make, depending on what type of skin cell they are (you don’t need to know about the different types).
      When they produce the same protein they will use the same amino acid sequence to do it.

      Hope that helps πŸ™‚

    • Adham AHmed 3 years ago

      @Cognito It did, thank you!

  • Lucy Vokes 3 years ago

    Really well explained, thank you

    • Cognito 3 years ago

      Thanks Lucy, really good to hear it helped πŸ™‚

  • Mutee Ullah Baig 2 years ago

    Simple and Excellent !

  • Limbruh 2 years ago

    3:38 spelling mistake on ‘ stranger’s ‘ you put strager’s, none the less a very informative video

  • Sanduni Sithmini 2 years ago

    Thank you so much it really helped..anyone can understand it easily…great🀘❀🀘❀🀘❀😊

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