GCSE Biology – Digestive System #13

Published on November 13, 2018 by

Learn what the digestive system does, how it works, the organs involved, and how the villi are adapted for absorbing nutrients.

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  • Adham AHmed 3 years ago

    Thank you for this video!
    When the bile neutralises the acid from the stomach when all the food goes next to the duodenum what condition does it make? and since the small intestine makes all 3 types of enzymes, does that mean they all work at the same type of Ph conditions? If so, is it acidic or alkali conditions?
    Thank you!

    • Cognito 3 years ago

      Heya! The pH in the duodenum is slightly acidic still, but not very as the bile neutralises most of the stomach acid.
      Yep the enzymes from the pancreas can all work at around the same pH
      Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

  • Shining Dove 3 years ago

    I love how everything is so visualised.

    • Cognito 3 years ago

      Hey Shining πŸ‘‹ thanks so much for all your support!!!

  • Tilia Clarke 2 years ago

    thank u so much , ur the only reason im not failing like all 3 😭

    • Cognito 2 years ago

      Haha thank you for the kind words Tilia! I’m sure you’re smashing it – keep up the good work πŸ™Œ

  • Shadow-OnYt 2 years ago

    This is so dead

    • Alisha 2 years ago

      Shadow-OnYt hey haha

    • Cadburi _ 2 years ago

      Shadow-OnYt shut up this guy is trying to educate us for tests! Go away!!

    • Muhammad Grill 2 years ago

      your life is dead, so keep quiet

  • Fairwhite 2 years ago

    thank you, I understand this a lot better now, even though I made condensed notes from revision guides and websites, I couldn’t wrap my head around it, but this vid hopefully allows me to understand digestion more.

  • Nerd_Y Boi 2 years ago

    Another amazing video from another amazing channel. πŸ™‚
    You deserve more subscribers m8! Keep up the amazing work!

  • weeb 2 years ago

    This is one of the best and easiest study channels ever. underrated!!!

    • Cognito 2 years ago

      Thank you so much :))

  • Capital_ Ash_ 2 years ago

    Great video, but I would like to point out that most of the water is absorbed by the small intestine, rather than the large intestine.

    • Cognito 2 years ago

      Hi Ash, that’s true, thanks for that – but the primary role of the large intestine is to reabsorb water, which is why the GCSE course focuses on the idea that large intestine is for water reabsorption.

    • Capital_ Ash_ 2 years ago

      @Cognito indeed πŸ™‚ I watched at least 20 of your videos today, and I must say that they’re very informative. Thanks for the content! I do the Cambridge IGCSE, and, though that curriculum is a little different than the videos here, I still find your videos helpful. Greetings from Egypt!

  • Strawberry S1205 2 years ago

    i have one question does the pancreas produces enzymes like protease,amylase and lipase or the stomach produces these?

    • Cognito 2 years ago

      Heya, yes the pancreas does produce all of those enzymes, and then it releases them into the small intestines. The stomach only releases protease enzymes πŸ™‚

  • Havoc_ ggd 2 years ago

    speak up

  • The Clips 2 years ago

    This video is far better not better excellent video and explanation books are not easy to learn

  • Pesa 2 years ago

    Tysm…this is a great explanation πŸ™‚

  • Necati Mehmet Yerdelen 2 years ago

    Why didn’t I realize this channel before? πŸ™‚

  • Margareta Maria TIANY 2 years ago

    This is sadly underrated, but why?? This help me so damn much thankk you cognito

  • qian yun c 2 years ago

    sometimes i wish you’d blow up and more people will recognise you… but i also want you to be our little secret! your videos are so high quality!

  • fries dries 2 years ago

    this really helped me… I learnt more from this video then my whole 50 minute class

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