Electric Current – A Level Physics

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Why does electric current have the symbol 'I' and is it just the flow of electrons? Watch this short video to find out a bit more.

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  • Louis Wright 7 years ago

    No joke I would literally be failing physics without these videos

    • mackenzie thompson 3 years ago

      is a level physics difficult?

    • Coding Barber 3 years ago

      @LoliLicker just wait till u start quantum physics

  • Ishan Shezad 7 years ago

    Great stuff man!

  • Robert Thompson 6 years ago


  • Jaisul Naik 6 years ago

    Is this exam board specific? I’m doing OCR AS and I’m starting this year? Would it be suitable for the new spec (AS exams in 2016)?

    • Physics Online 6 years ago

      +Jaisul Naik Everything is suitable for the new spec (first exam next year), have a look at my website where there are a few resources for the OCR Spec A course.

    • Jaisul Naik 6 years ago

      +A Level Physics Online ok cheers

    • Nicholas Lo 6 years ago

      +A Level Physics Online What about CIE?

    • Physics Online 6 years ago

      There’s no reason why this isn’t suitable, just make sure you check with the course specification to find the exact content you need.

  • Jaisul Naik 6 years ago

    How would you recommend these videos are best used? I’m guessing they’re not enough as a lone source of revision?

  • Shayan Azad 6 years ago

    i am going to sit for the IAL exams in may.Will this solve all my problems?

  • Ryan Varghese 6 years ago

    Will these videos help me if I am doing WJEC for Physics this Summer ???

    • Physics Online 6 years ago

      Yes they will. Just check on the WJEC spec which ones in particular, there is a full list of every video on my website. Good luck.

  • Mehbubul Alam 5 years ago

    Why does the ammeter need to have a low resistance in the circuit?

    • Physics Online 5 years ago

      Otherwise its resistance would reduce the very flow of current it is trying to measure.

  • Tanya Y 5 years ago

    Thank you!!! I’m writing my pre mocks tomorrow and this was a great refresher!

  • DanLiti Usman 5 years ago

    Sir, I would like to ask, on which exam board do you teach students in?

    • Physics Online 5 years ago

      Ibrahim Usman Last year it was OCR Spec A, now its AQA.

  • Ethan Bradshaw 5 years ago

    Hi, why should ammeters have very low resistance, I can never give a good enough explanation?

  • tanna mcdaniel 4 years ago

    Thanks my lecturer

  • Holly Ullyott 3 years ago

    Can someone please explain why current flows form the positive to negative terminals while the electrons are repelled from the negative and move towards the positive?

    • Physics Online 3 years ago

      Holly Ullyott Because conventional current is defined as the rate of flow of positive charge (but electrons happen to be negative)

    • Holly Ullyott 3 years ago

      GCSE and A Level Physics Online  I heard it was because when electricity was first discovered they assumed the positive particles were moving. Is that why the definition stands?

    • Physics Online 3 years ago

      Holly Ullyott That’s right

    • mackenzie thompson 3 years ago

      is a level physics the hardest science a level?

    • Sea 3 years ago

      mackenzie thompson i feel like Chemistry is harder but depends on the person

  • The Sack of Chilinuts 3 years ago

    How do you afford lego?

  • Joshua Wainwright 3 years ago

    Anyone else think that the copper sulfate was powerade at first glance?

  • Saym 2 years ago

    your visual teaching method is really helpful it’s just a shame not enough people know about you because you could really help a lot of people

    • Physics Online 2 years ago

      I’m aiming to change that, so more people do know about me. Keep spreading the message!

    • WeekendNumbered 2 years ago

      @Physics Online I was at the Emmanuel Centre in London and I heard you’re talk. It was really good, thank you.

  • Safe Rehman 2 years ago

    Wow looks like a lot of planning and work for this, defo will try to share with my whole year thanks

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