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MIT grad shows the DEFINITION of the derivative and how to FIND the derivative using that limit definition. To skip ahead: 1) For what the derivative MEANS, skip to 0:23. 2) For the SLOPE OF THE SECANT line, skip to 2:53. 3) For the SECANT BECOMING THE TANGENT and DEFINITION OF THE DERIVATIVE, skip to 5:54. 4) For how to FIND THE DERIVATIVE USING THE (LIMIT) DEFINITION of the derivative, skip to 10:28. Nancy formerly of MathBFF explains the steps.

For my video on the shorter, faster DERIVATIVE RULES for how to take a derivative, jump to:

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INTRODUCTION to derivatives:

1) WHAT IS THE DERIVATIVE? It's a function that tells you the slope (of the line tangent to the curve) at every point. Another way to think of it is that the derivative gives you the rate of change at any instant (the "instantaneous rate of change" at each point). You can find the derivative either with the proper DEFINITION OF THE DERIVATIVE ("by the limit process") or the faster, simpler way with the shortcut derivative rules such as the Power Rule, Product Rule, Quotient Rule, and Chain Rule. This video shows the first way, with the DEFINITION of the derivative, and how to use it to calculate the derivative.

2) SLOPE OF SECANT: To make the definition of the derivative, we can start with the slope of the straight secant line through a point x and some other point nearby, h distance away horizontally. If we label the two points and use the slope formula to write an expression for the slope of this secant line, the expression you get is [f(x+h) - f(x)] / h, which is also known as the DIFFERENCE QUOTIENT.

3) DEFINITION OF DERIVATIVE: That straight line slope we just found is actually a decent ESTIMATE for the slope at x, but it's not really the slope at x. We can get the EXACT slope of the tangent line at x by closing in on x and narrowing h to zero, by taking the LIMIT of the secant slope, as h approaches 0. The slope of the secant line becomes the slope of the tangent line. Not only is this limit equal to the slope of the tangent line, it is the definition of the derivative (when the limit exists) or f'(x).

4) HOW TO FIND THE DERIVATIVE OF A FUNCTION USING (LIMIT) DEFINITION: If you have to find the derivative "using the definition of the derivative" or "by the limit process", then you can use the limit definition we just found for any f(x) equation you're given. Remember that the f(x+h) part of the formula means to replace x with (x+h) anywhere x appears in the function f(x). If you want help knowing how to find the limit at the end, you can jump to my video "How to Find Any Limit":

For an intro to the concept of limits, jump to:

For more of my math videos for calculus, precalculus, and algebra, check out:

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    • Hilbert Black 4 years ago

      It’s non elementary, meaning it doesn’t have an antiderivative expressible in terms of elementary functions like trigonometric or exponential.
      But it is integrable in the sense that you can find the area under the curve of the function, maybe through numerical methods, but the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus can’t be used.

    • Samik Saraswat 4 years ago

      Hilbert Black so you can’t just find out its integral using common integration methods? Also can it be integrated under specific limits like example from 0 to pi/4 using definite integration properties?

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    Conclusion :
    Differentiation fails to give the actual slope / gradient of a point on the graph.
    Do you like my crazy mind?
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      Derivatives are all about rates of change. One thing is changing with respect to something else. Let’s say the economy is growing with time. You see on the news that it grew 1.2% in the last year. But then you read that it only grew 0.2% in the last quarter. And, in fact, it shrank by 0.1% in the last month. Clearly it grows at different rates over different time periods. If I’m interested in the current trajectory I might look at what it did in the last week, or the last day, or even the last second. (I know that’s kinda hard to do with the economy, but it’s just an example).

      As my time interval gets shorter and shorter I get closer and closer to the _instantaneous_ rate of change, otherwise known as the derivative. You might argue that there’s no such thing as an instantaneous rate, but I will argue back that I can get arbitrarily close. That’s where limits come in. They let us talk about arbitrarily small things (or large things — but for differential calculus it’s always small things). Our notation for an arbitrarily small — or infinitesimal — quantity of time is dt. If E is the size of the economy then its derivative, or instantaneous rate of change with time, is dE/dt. It is “the limit” of the rate of change in the size of the economy as the time interval we are talking about gets arbitrarily close to zero.

      What use is this, other than a fancy notation? Well, the world is about nothing if not change, and derivatives crop up literally everywhere in the physical sciences as well as economics and other social sciences. Using the technique that Nancy demo’ed, plus some handy shortcuts, we can deduce a lot of useful stuff.

      (P.S. I went back to school after decades away from maths too, and got an advanced degree in astrophysics. Never too late).

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      When it comes to plugging in values into a function, I find it best to think of it as like a “machine.” where any input of x that’s inserted into the function can be mechanically changed to give a new output value. The process is the same regardless of the value of x since f(x), the function, is defined in it’s relation to x.

      ex: Find f(x) evaluated at x=2 where f(x)= 3(x^2) +12

      (since the function can be evaluated at any point of x, we can just plug in our value of x which is 2 in this case and solve)

      f(2)= 3(2^2) +12
      = 3(4)+12

      however when calculating the derivative she needs the same function evaluated at x+h this time (and we can do this because despite it looking weird, x+h is just another value of x, it’s just being added by some random constant h), like we did before for substituting 2 in place of x, we do the same but x+h for x now, thus:

      f(x+h)=3((x+h)^2) +12

      is the value of f(x+h)

      when she was calculating the derivative through its definition of the limit, she just plugged in that very same definition of f(x+h) that was just found into the derivative formula where f(x+h) was. Since the value of f(x+h) was found to be 3((x+h)^2) +12, we would substitute this in place of f(x+h). This is also done the same for f(x) which we would substitute 3(x^2) +12 instead. Thus:

      f ‘ (x) = lim f(x+h) – f(x) = lim {3((x+h)^2) +12} – {3(x^2) +12}
      h->0 —————–
      h->0 ———————————————-
      h h

      I bracketed the substituted terms trying to make it more clear. Anyways I think I’m done at this point but I do hope this helps you gain a better understanding of what was going on in the video 🙂 .

      Also @NancyPi awesome video, this was probably one of the best introductions to the derivative I’ve seen on YouTube!

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