How To Reduce Student Stress and Excel in School

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How To Reduce Student Stress and Excel in School

Step 1: Find your teenager's motivations for wanting to get organized

Your teenager's disorganization can have effects on all aspects of her life. It could effect her academic performance, finances or even relationships with her friends. Help your teenager find reasons for wanting to be organized.


Step 2: Acknowledge organization no matter where it stems from

No matter how messy and disorganized your teenager might seem, there is undoubtedly an aspect in her life where organization prevails. Acknowledge areas or situations where your teenager is organized and encourage her to apply those skills to the other aspects of her life.


Step 3: Do not deprive your teenager of her belongings

Allow your teenager to sort out what items are important to her and find a suitable place for them. Do not senselessly throw her "stuff" out the door.


Step 4: Reward organizing accomplishments

If your teenager manages to achieve her organization goals, have a reward ready for her. Extending your teenager's curfew or allowing her to commit to an additional activity might be good examples of suitable rewards. It also shows your teenager that you have trust in her.