Planning the essay | The Argumentative/Persuasive essay | English Language eBook

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Planning the essay | The Argumentative/Persuasive essay | English Language eBook

Planning the essay

Well, let’s begin to brainstorm. You will need to choose a side, either for building more industries or for keeping the natural environment. We can use our mind map or fishbone diagram to write down all the points we can think of.


The Spider Mind Map

We use these mind maps to write down all that we know about the topic. In the Spider Mind Map we brainstorm our ideas and jot them down at the Spider’s legs.

(See how to make a Spider Map in the video tutorial)

Does society need industries to develop? OR Do we preserve our environment?


The Fishbone Diagram

Similarly, we use the Fishbone diagram in the same way. The topic is written in the middle of the fish and we write down all our ideas along the fish’s bone.

(See how to make a Fishbone Diagram in the video tutorial)

Since I want to plan BOTH sides of the argument I will use a T chart to plan my essay. A T chart looks like a capital T. It is really two columns where you can write down contrasting ideas so that you can compare them. Here’s an example of one:

Figure 1 - T chart showing why we need Industries & a natural Environment



We need industries to produce food, clothes, medicines etc.

There are lots of trees around. We are not cutting down all of them, just a few to build the industries we need.

Lots of industries plant trees so as to keep our environment functioning.

Trees are important to man and society. Trees produce valuable oxygen and absorb harmful carbon dioxide. Without trees our society will surely not survive.

Already we are seeing the signs of ‘progress’. Cutting down trees and changing the environment has led to climate change and global warming. Is this the development we want?

Yes, we need industries, but not at the expense of our environment. Look at the Amazon rainforest and how much of it has been cut down and cleared in the name of progress and development. When will we stop destroying our environment?

We now have three points for each side of the argument that we can use to put into our essay planner. Remember how the essay planner works? Let’s take a look at it:

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